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This year's rectification of the internet is still stern, in order to rectify and standardize the Internet business order, effectively purify the Internet network culture environment, IDC industry has made important contributions.

2009 in the first half of the financial crisis is still grim, the Internet clean-up action to strengthen, which can be said to be the IDC industry breakthrough year, but it is inevitable that many can not undergo a rigorous test of the IDC encounter eliminated. Because IDC is a high cost of the industry, so the strength and competitiveness of enterprises in this severe test will be more dominant. Time interconnection related responsible person thinks, IDC service provider wants to have the magnificent prospect, not only own resources to obtain the sufficient safeguard, but also must greatly improve its service level.

Under normal circumstances, IDC has a strong network resources to be able to have the capital to provide users with stable security, if not even network resources can not be guaranteed not to talk about improving the quality of service. It is understood that the era of interconnection (www.todayidc.com) has five-star telecommunications room and standard China netcom computer room, as well as Hong Kong data Center and dual-line data center. But only network resources are often not enough, in the rapid development of the Internet today, the level of management of the server also has a higher demand. In particular, to cooperate with the purification of the network environment of Action, many web site owners in the site for the record, illegal information and other related issues and trouble, in the face of this situation IDC service providers only improve the server management performance, strengthen the identification of illegal information and record management, can purify the network environment from the source So the era of interconnection to each server users to give China Shield server management home. The server installs this green software, has the illegal information detection, the record management, the website security management and so on function.

The author thinks that if we want to purify the network environment by practical action, resist the vulgar wind and improve the service level of IDC industry, the IDC provider should start from the server and host infrastructure equipment. Only continuously improve the server level, strengthen server management, in order to allow the site to obtain a better environment for development, which also highlights the advantages of IDC service providers.

The internet is the carrier of information dissemination, our country's netizens are increasing day by day, the network has become the first channel for people to understand information, so good network culture environment is very important. In the past six months, China has launched a vast network of rectification wave, strengthen the Internet management has become the site related to the important task of the responsible person, and the Internet management will be a long-term project, so the server to strengthen management is the healthy development of the Web site long-term.
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