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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. A chance to see "linked to the ecosystem" such a concept, individuals feel very much in line with the needs of our SEO workers, a Web site is equivalent to a life of the Internet, we need to build according to the needs of the Internet to maintain the life of a living environment, and the link between the environment is linked structure So a good link to the ecosystem is our SEO workers need to pay special attention to a problem, and the current situation that only a small number of people are aware of such a problem, which for the site's internal chain structure of the health is critical. Below I will make a simple introduction from the inner chain and two parts of the outside chain.


 1. Inner Chain ecosystem

The structure of the inner chain directly affects the user experience of our website and search engine to crawl the content of the website, so build the inner chain of the site ecosystem, first of all, to create a hierarchy of internal links, good link structure requires users to be able to find in each hierarchy and the next layer of the link, Also requires a certain level of parallelism and staggered link structure. For example, in the article page as many references to the previous article, or we need to focus on the optimization of the keyword page is a parallel link structure construction, and breadcrumbs navigation is the upper and lower levels of link structure construction.

Second, the related links are recommended to each other, this is not just about the health of the inner chain, but also related to user experience and web relevance, such as user search into our site, want to find about the internal link building skills, and search time to get ranked page only said one of the skills, If we do the relevant page recommendations, it can guide users to other pages to view, increase the user experience. For a page more related pages recommended, but also to enhance the importance of a single page, improve the page's keyword rankings.

Finally, we are most easily overlooked, for outbound links to export the choice of outbound links outside the site itself is very valuable, although more or less to the weight of the site caused a certain loss, but the search engine will give these "link initiator" bonus points, to get a higher ranking score. For example, a page or an article to refer to some data or content, or even guide users to a related site, please do not skimp on an export link, these links can not only increase the search engine for the site's trust, but also bring a better user experience.

 2. Outside the chain ecological system

I don't know how we look at the outer chain now, and I think if we consider the ecosystem of the outer chain, the first thing to consider is the guidance, only can guide the customer flow outside the chain, its effect is the best, is the most valuable, such a chain is also from the user's point of view, can create value for users outside the chain, Is the search engine's favorite outside the chain.

Second, the relevance of the chain, because the chain of relevance is not only able to guide potential customers, but also to help search engines to better evaluate the content of the site. For example, a website to do SEO, get is the weight loss related industry site outside the chain support, that for users, such links are certainly not what they want, and for search engines, will certainly consider whether you this site in the use of malicious link accumulation to optimize the site, will punish the site.

Again, the weight of the outer chain, if simply from the construction of the chain to enhance the site weight of the point of view, the high weight of the chain is definitely our first choice, because the relevance of the chain and guide outside the chain are not so easy to achieve, while the high weight of the external chain relative to the relevance of the chain more operable, Also can be the weight of the site and ranking of the promotion has a great help.

Finally, do a good job of extensive, not only to go to more Web site publishing chain, but also to many forms of external chain release. For the site we can according to the type of site is divided into blogs, forums, classified information, questions and answers, business-to-business, etc., can also be based on the form of links into anchor text, hyperlinks, text links, and short URL of the jump links. Blog links and link links and articles in the anchor text links and so on, forum distribution link and signature link, so do go on, the site's extensive on the do, if you can have a sufficient number of site root domain name, such as 100, then our site will certainly be able to get better outside the chain weight evaluation.

Well, about the Web site linked to the idea of the ecosystem here, may be a lot of old things, but feel like such a thought for our website SEO Health has a lot of help, want to communicate with my friends can add my qq:578785411

This article by Xu Zi Rain, hangzhou seo ( The net arranges to publish, welcome everybody reprint, reprint when please retain this link, thanks cooperates!

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