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What is the TCP.IP protocol? Generally speaking, TCP/IP protocol is the Technology foundation of Internet based on TCP/IP protocol (Transmission Protocol/Inter-network protocol). Full name Transmission Control protocol/internet Protocol. The Protocol of Transmission Control Protocol/Internet, also known as network Communication protocol, is the basic protocol of Internet, the foundation of Internet international Internet, and consists of IP protocol of Network layer and TCP protocol of transmission layer. TCP/IP defines how electronic devices are connected to the Internet and how data is transmitted between them. The protocol uses a hierarchy of 4 tiers, each of which calls its next level of network to fulfill its needs. In layman's terms: TCP is responsible for discovering the transmission problem, sending a signal when there is a problem, requiring retransmission until all data is securely transmitted to the destination. And IP is to the Internet for each computer to specify an address.

Diagnosing a TCP IP protocol network failure can be frustrating, but it's also fun. Traditional TCP IP Protocol network failure We have a general understanding, but another approach-structured approach is not very clear to many people. Below, we will look at its troubleshooting methods.

Generally, themethod of structured diagnosis of TCP IP protocol network faults consists of three key parts:

  First, diagnose the fault measure

(1) Verify the connectivity of routing options on the client and server side.

To use Ping,pathping,tracert, or other similar tools, to facilitate authentication of End-to-end TCP IP connectivity on the network layer, packet sniffing to monitor transport-layer sessions, and nslookup,telnet and other tools to diagnose problems including domain name resolution, Application-level issues such as authentication.

(2) Verify the physical media about the client, server, and network architecture hardware.

Check the cable to ensure that the network adapter is properly installed and further find and verify the network connection that can display the media disconnect status.

(3) Verify the TCP IP protocol configuration for the client, server, and network architecture hardware.

On the client side, this means checking the IP address, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS settings, and so on. For network architecture hardware, it refers to the routing table and Internet gateway on the router.

  Two, several aspects of the factors

Flag information: Error messages on client machines, logon dialog boxes, and more.

Period: continuous, intermittent, or occasional, when to start.

Type of connection in question: Physical layer, network layer, transport layer or application layer? Authentication or access control, and so on.

Network: Cables (if not wireless), hubs, switches, routers, firewalls, proxy servers, and other network architectures between the client and the server.

Scope: One or more related client/server side.

Client: The client that is having problems.

Server-side: A server, printer, or other network resource (such as the Internet) that the customer cannot access.

Environment: May affect the external situation of your network, such as power fluctuations, building maintenance and so on.

  Iii. Understanding and methods

(1) Understanding how the Agreement works

Successful TCP IP protocol network fault diagnosis is based on understanding how TCP IP Works and related testing tools. How packets are forwarded by the routing table, tools such as Netdiag.exe can tell you what is critical. If you've never worked hard to understand the Network Monitor's tracking patterns, you'll have trouble diagnosing certain problems.

(2) asking the right questions is critical to the fault diagnosis

To learn when to step by step and when to jump to the topic is the essence of the fault diagnosis art, which also includes the full use of your left and right brain, that is, to have full imagination and meticulous thinking.

(3) To test and isolate problems

A toolbox that requires troubleshooting, and there is nothing more than a lot of experience to help you solve complex problems.

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