What is the difference between Seo for second-level domain names and Seo for first-level directories?

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Recently, many customers have consulted the customer about the difference and connection between Seo for second-level domain names and Seo for the first-level directory. The customer thinks that in actual work, only by correctly understanding the relationship between the second-level domain name Seo and the first-level directory Seo can we make better use of them, so let's take a look at Seo's second-level domain name Seo and first-level directory Seo for your reference.

Second-level domain name Seo and first-level directory Seo weight transfer:

In the long run, the second-level domain name ownership is much higher than that of the first-level directory. However, the search engine regards the second-level domain name as a new site, so the second-level domain name will pass the test of the new domain name, and will distribute the weight of the main site, the first-level directory is to concentrate the weights on the primary domain name, increasing the indexing volume of the primary domain name and increasing the weight.

Second-level domain name Seo and first-level directory Seo URL:

A level-1 directory is generally understood as an extension of the website content. Therefore, the level-1 directory of a website should focus on the subject of the website. The second-level domain name is used by seoer to enable the second-level domain name in the case of a new topic or for different fields.

Second-level domain name Seo and first-level directory Seo ranking advantages:

Second-level domain names have ranking advantages for popular keywords. For common keywords, it is more reasonable to use the second-level directory of the website for optimization. What kind of keywords to use and what kind of URL for optimization, which is very exquisite for Seo. It is not used when the URL weight is high, which may cause excessive optimization.

Seo for second-level domain names and Seo for first-level directories:

If some seoer does not know what the second-level domain name should be selected, and under what circumstances the directory should be selected, this is actually very easy. You can search your target keywords in the search engine. if most of the search results are top-level domain names or second-level domain names, you can consider using second-level domain names. If the search result is a deep directory or page, you can consider using a level-1 directory.

Second-level domain name Seo and first-level directory Seo user experience:

Second-level domain names are easier for users to differentiate the websites of second-level domain names, and users can directly enter the websites for access. In addition, there are many categories, which are professional and adopt second-level domain names, there are ways to improve the website authority of second-level domain names. The form of a level-1 directory makes it easy for users to remember the homepage and make the website hierarchy clearer.

Second-level domain name Seo and first-level directory SEO friend chain exchange:

Because the second-level domain name is regarded as a new domain name by the search engine, and the first-level directory is a directory page, regardless of the website, the day, Baidu snapshot time, weight, and other aspects, no second-level domain names are good, so I have learned from Seo that it is easier for second-level domain names to be exchanged than the first-level directories in the exchange of friends.

Summary: The introduction mentioned above tells everyone to remember: "using Level 2 must take into account whether the content of this channel is rich enough ".

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