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From the history of the 1997, in a twinkling of an eye, the Chinese people from 10 ago today, the scale of contact with the Internet, see will pass. During this period, the controversy over the survival and application of the internet has never stopped, and the more influential one has experienced the controversy over the portal, the mouse + cement and so on. Portal Sina, Sohu and NetEase have made great success, instant pass QQ also achievements extraordinary, and the number of practitioners, and the most closely related business, but also do the most vigorous industry site, seems to be forgotten in the flowers. 10 years after the Internet, the development of Chinese industry website?

For more than 10 years, domestic enterprises have realized the improvement of network marketing level because of the wide application of business-to-business E-commerce websites. However, due to the impact of professional level, the network marketing value of business-to-business websites has not been fully developed, and the development of business-to-business websites is restricted, many business-to-business E-commerce sites are still in the early stages of a few years ago. and the development of industry Web site also participate in the times, to the Hui Cong nets, China Chemical network as the representative of the site to focus on the industry after several setbacks, and finally become a successful example.

However, after nearly 10 years of groping, many companies in the industry has a certain impact of the company began to whimsical to transform the corporate web site into the industry, as a monopoly and command industry standards, but mostly ended in failure. Such websites can only compete in a particular industry or field, and may make some progress in areas that are very close to the industry, but it is difficult to get involved in other industries. Although the industry's website has industry advantages but lacks functional expertise, and functional sites lack of industry experience and customer relations, the combination of the two can cross the industry and functional sites between the gap between the realization of complementary advantages, in such a joint, the industry will be mainly to customer relationship management website.

How to integrate the industry development and social resources to the industry web site for every industry to think about the most important things. I have experienced a few years ago founded the Chinese ceramic network, so deep feeling. The website is based on the government in the context of the National Industry Association of a national industry Web site, after several years of efforts, has become the international ceramic industry's largest trading and publicity platform, has done almost no one knows the industry's brand degree. The most successful of these lies in the ingenious integration of government, industry, business and industry development needs.

Over the past 10 years, many industry web site operators have deep feelings, summed up nothing but a few things to do: adhere to do their own familiar with the industry, combined with the actual advantage of the local industry situation to do; Industry choice should be subdivided; Find a banner, or trade association, or government resources, vigorously develop customers, promote and enlarge the market.

At present, the industry station's profit model is nothing more than membership fees and advertising, as well as offline trading. The industry station wants to develop the member, has the member to do anything well. can be free to join the enterprise, and then call or notify the above enterprises, told them have been included in the enterprise, need to add a form to write a table and so on. How to promote the industry website? To today's industry website promotion is still a big problem. As a new site, 10 years, the general success of the experience is, in addition to advertising, you can participate in some of their own station of the industry department meetings, send some information, the other is to call more than fax. In fact, a more effective way is to organize a number of activities.

The development of the industry website today, alone through the carpet-type corporate bombing or large-scale advertising has not been effective, the development of industry sites must inject more horizontal factors. It is also necessary to make good use of the coherence of the horizontal events. The author has contacted such a marketing case, is worth enjoying with everybody. Recently, near the spring Festival, in the pharmaceutical industry web site called 39 second "5191 Health Network" launched the "Health to send home" online shopping experience and the implementation of the Xerox Millions Court health activities in Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Xiamen and Shenzhen, such as the economic center of the synchronous pull. Its activities are the idea of the Web site consumption and public welfare business bundled together to the Guangdong Province Yang family Special children Parents Club implementation help. At the same time, the new electronic commerce platform and the Chinese traditional etiquette culture organically combined, hundreds of millions of migrant workers and millions of families closely linked in a harmonious and healthy society. According to insiders, this marketing strategy in many not very prominent industry sites caused a big stir. The development of the industry website can no longer pass the traditional soil method, the thought of reform and innovation is still the only way to succeed.

Another new beginning of the 10, it should be said that the industry market more mature. How to integrate industry and region into segments through industry websites, together with specialized market, specialized plate and other content, for the enterprise to create business community and Business Circle, forming a point, line, surface, circle of the network structure of a large platform, so as to achieve multi-angle joint promotion, multi-channel information dissemination, multi-directional trade matchmaking powerful functions. In a sense, industry web site should play a professional market for the store, the introduction of these original services, not only to enable enterprises, businesses, consumers step into the independent participation in E-commerce, and fully enjoy the information and business opportunities of the network platform, completely solve the problem of information island troubled enterprises, and enable enterprises to avoid falling into the ocean of information, can effectively bring customers and orders, so that businesses and businesses can do business, and for consumers, through the network platform to achieve their own convenience, fast, save or even meet the consumer demand is the ultimate goal.

In any case, the network approached the traditional industry is inevitable, how to operate, we look forward to the answer to the winners.

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