Windows 8 Study Notes (15th)-Windows 8 RP Metro tombstone Mechanism

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Just now, when I was running the Win8 Metro app, I suddenly thought of the program lifecycle issue that had been very tangled for some time ago. I don't know where to implement the tombstone mechanism. I think there may be improvements in the RP version. After some tests,

Conclusion: The RP version automatically implements the tombstone mechanism, 10 ~ after closing the program (window pulling down or Alt + F4 ~ The onsuspend event is executed in about 15 seconds.

The test procedure is as follows: In page1, click the button to jump to page2:

Window. Current. content = new tomestonpage ();
Window. Current. Activate ();


The default textblock is displayed in page2. click the button to modify the textblock value <button content = "button" horizontalalignment = "Left" margin = "465,109, 0, 0 "verticalalignment =" TOP "Click =" button_click_1 "/>

<Textblock horizontalalignment = "Left" Height = "59" margin = "207,109, 178 "textwrapping =" Wrap "text =" textblock "verticalalignment =" TOP "width =" "X: Name =" tbcontent "/>

Private void button_click_1 (Object sender, routedeventargs E)
Tbcontent. Text = "1234324 ";


After all the operations are completed, start another Metro program. At this time, the previous App should be in the suspended state, and the program has never entered the onsuspend event. After a while, the previous program will be executed again, and the page will remain unchanged. After the above conclusions, I have come to the conclusion that the conclusion is correct. If so, we will save a lot of trouble ~~


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