Windows Server R2 Primary domain controller delegation DNS to subdomain control controller

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First, the Experimental network topology diagram:

Ii. Purpose of realization:

Domain Users of the subdomain controller can query the A record of the DNS server to the primary domain controller, and the domain user of the primary domain controller can also query the a record of the DNS server to the subdomain controller.

Annotations: This section does not cover the installation of domain control and DNS servers.

The installation instructions for the subdomain controller refer to this section

Third, the operation steps:

+++++++++ primary domain controller operation +++++++++

Labeling: before creating a subdomain control, modify the DNS replication zone on's primary domain controller to be all DNS servers in the forest, so that the subdomain is logged on the primary domain after the subdomain control is created.

1. The primary domain controller IP address is set as follows:

2. Select the right-click Property----General----changes.

3. Select all DNS servers that are running on the domain controller in the forest (A):

4, select Right-click Property----Zone transfer----allow zone transfer tick----Select to all servers (this environment is only testing, select "To All Servers" security is poor)----confirmation.

5, after the installation of the subdomain controller, wait a few minutes after the primary domain controller DNS server to see the subdomain of the Zone app (install the subdomain controller +dns here do not explain).

6. Right-click Delete App Area (subdomain controller).

7. Select Right-click Property-----New Delegation.

8. Select Next.

9. Enter the subdomain controller zone name prefix app----next.

10. Click Add Primary domain controller IP address and computer name.

11. Enter the subdomain controller computer name Test-sonad---Enter the subdomain controller IP address-----Press ENTER to confirm----resolve----confirmation.

12. Select Next.

13, choose to complete.

14, the display has been added to complete.

++++++++++ Subdomain Controller Operation ++++++++++

Annotations: subdomain controller installation is not explained here, if you have any questions please refer to my blog

1, after the child domain controller is installed, you need to temporarily set the subdomain controller DNS to point to the primary domain controller IP address

2, the General primary domain controller DNS server after the above operation has been set up, the child domain controller DNS server will display normal use, as shown in:

3. Select Right-click Property----Forwarder----Edit----Enter the primary domain controller IP address ENTER to confirm----OK.

4, to determine the primary domain controller's DNS delegation completed, need to handle the DNS of the domain controller to point to their own IP

5. The A record created by the primary domain controller DNS server has been transferred to the Subdomain controller DNS server a record.

6, the use of nslookup command to test all display normal.

Windows Server R2 Primary domain controller delegation DNS to subdomain control controller

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