Xu Zi rain: SEO learning to first theory again combat and pay attention to the deep level of improvement

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Hello everyone, I am the Phantom of the Rain. In front of you to share a lot about SEO knowledge, there are several is about SEO learning, but many people for learning SEO or have their own set of methods, may be introduced before the method for everyone is not feasible suggestions, Today, I would like to tell you that I have a little bit of SEO ideas: seo learning to first theory before the actual combat, do not forget the deep level of improvement.

I always thought so, actual combat is the best teacher, we have to learn good SEO must pay attention to the actual combat, but want to better and faster learning SEO We must have the most basic theoretical knowledge as the basis, so in the actual combat time we can put these theories into our operating methods and implementation of the thinking. Here is what I want to talk to you about the 1th: SEO learning to first theoretical and practical.

Theoretical knowledge has always been everyone in contact with things, such as the choice of keywords, website updates false original or original, hair outside the chain means there are four ways: blogs, forums, questions and answers, classified information. But for the theoretical knowledge of how many people are holding the attitude of contempt? Many people believe that they are actual combat pie, disdain and knowledge of the theoretical grasp, in fact, from the beginning we are wrong, the theory of good we can better to do SEO perfect.

  1, why to learn SEO theory knowledge?

First of all, I think we want to do SEO this work we need knowledge is definitely needed, and secondly, if we want to be among the many SEO workers to seize advantage status, the theoretical knowledge of the system as a support is very necessary. The theory of SEO knowledge is not scattered, sporadic knowledge, not individual, specific knowledge, but systematic, have a common sense of knowledge. Learn the theory of SEO knowledge we will be able to do SEO better.

2, why to learn SEO theory before the actual combat?

The first learning SEO theory has a benefit is that we in the actual time to better grasp the context of SEO, this is very important. If we do not know anything, how can we go to combat it? Both eyes and a smear, day walking is easy to wrestle. Actual combat a lot of time need the theory as guidance, although the theory comes from the summary of actual combat, but the crystallization of the predecessors must study well. For example, every day we go to A5,chinaz, push A, seowhy these fork Web site learning, there are many predecessors left experience, these are the essence of theoretical knowledge, we must not let go of these learning opportunities.

3, how to learn seo theory knowledge?

For learning I do not want too much to publish their own opinion, today and the wind of the latest to do the wolf rain eldest brother to communicate his words let me very touched: each do SEO have their own set of methods! Indeed, each SEO has its own set of SEO methods, but also have their own set of learning to improve the way, Perhaps you say to them completely no effect, but tired some people go astray. I said that I learn some of the SEO time, if we think it is feasible or can be used as a reference. I study SEO time just in the school inside, at that time to think is to SEO good study, went to the school library to borrow a lot of books to see, although not 10, but 5 is some, some books a bit old, but not bad. I have benefited a lot from this period of time. So I study the 1th SEO is: Read more. The key to applying the word is practical, how can it be used? This is my study time has been thinking about the problem, and then contact A5 and Chinaz These two stations, know the SEO soft wen, I decided to read my daily experience written to publish, earn profit outside the chain, the result has been holding, The effect is not bad, slowly my knowledge of SEO theory by their own such continuous learning to strengthen the consolidation, and finally put into actual combat.

 4, through actual combat to improve the depth of SEO technology!

Speaking of actual combat, I am a little excited, because I am actually advocating the actual combat of a person, only in the actual combat constantly groping us to become more and more powerful, to know the theoretical knowledge of many can not explain the place. "If you are a wolf, please sharpen your fangs and be ready to attack!" Combat school must always have such a concept, we have to continue to practice, to fight and raise war, so that their skills and thinking ability to be promoted. Many people say that the SEO technology is not advanced, in fact, to ask you a few questions, we certainly can not answer! Can you guarantee to do the first page? How long can you promise to be first? If you really have such confidence, and in the shortest possible time, then you have been master of the master, such a person I see a present, That is, use one months time to "SEO" to do the second page, the "SEO training" This word to do the home page, there are many other times ranked very good wolf rain brother, he is also a good representative of the actual combat faction. According to A5 to his interview I learned that Wolf Rain Brother's technology is in the positive thinking and reverse thinking of the combination of the actual combat, is to admire him.

Okay, this article is written here, in fact, learning SEO is really not a person said how to learn how to learn, I said from my own point of view, you may have different ideas, it does not matter, want to communicate with my friends can add my qq:843745641

This article by Xu Zi Rain, Beijing, China Dili gas stove Repair (http://www.hdwx.org) network series published, Welcome to reprint, reprint, please keep this link, thank you for your cooperation!

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