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There are many ways to SEO, for the general web site, outside the chain of optimization accounted for the entire SEO process of about 50% of the proportion. Therefore, how to do outside the chain is also our vast number of webmaster and SEO promotion Staff The most concerned about the problem.

Site outside the chain optimization is generally two, one is to enhance the weight of the site, the other is to enhance the site keyword ranking. Yuo Hao that the weight of the site is a more general concept, often expressed as a number of technical indicators, such as the PR value of the site, the number of sites included, the site's snapshot date. If the weight of the site is effectively upgraded, there will be more opportunities to be recommended by search engines, thereby increasing the flow of the site and increase the corresponding benefits. And the site keyword ranking for the role of corporate web site is the most direct, if you can optimize the keywords of certain products or services to the search results of the home page, you can bring a lot of accurate potential customers.

The chain has two main forms of expression, one is the URL link, the other is anchor text link. Web site links to the main role is to speed up the site included, Anchor text link is the main role of the promotion of keyword ranking. Anchor text links to the role of better than the URL link, because the anchor text link not only contains all the functions of the URL link, but also played a role in promoting keyword ranking. Generally speaking, only the hyperlink that can be clicked is an effective outer chain, and the URL of a text form that cannot be clicked is not an effective chain.

The following and you share where you can stay outside the chain, thereby assisting the SEO optimization of the site.

First, friendship links

Friendship link is undoubtedly the best outside the chain, in some cases, the role of a friendship link may be equivalent to hundreds of or even thousands of forums outside the role of the chain, so that want to significantly enhance the site weight or keyword ranking, the most effective way is to get a high weight of friendship links.

In the actual work Yuo Hao mainly through the following aspects to determine the quality of friendship Links: 1, the link page PR value. 2, Friendship link website and its own website relevance. This is a very important search engine, if your site is a cosmetics site, and the other site is a heavy machinery site, then the effect will not be too good. 3. Link Number of links page export. If the other party has done too many links, the effect is bound to fall. 4, the content of the link page update quantity. If the content of links page is often updated, search engines often crawl this page, then the effect is better. If it is a separate link page, basically no content updates, the effect is relatively poor. 5, the snapshot date of the homepage of the website. The snapshot date reflects, to some extent, the weight and update speed of the other site, and the newer the snapshot date the better. 6, see the link site Alexa rankings, included quantity, the number of chain, and so on.

Ii. Forum

BBS Outside the chain is the best way in addition to friendship links, especially in some high weight of the forum to stay outside the chain. In the choice of forum, we should pay attention to two: first, the Forum and the relevance of our site is high, the second is the popularity of the forum, the number of posts per day to large. Only in such a forum to stay outside the chain, it is more likely to be the search engine is considered effective outside the chain.

There are several ways for the forum to stay outside the chain, is "in the main post to stay outside the chain", "in the reply to stay outside the chain", "in the signature to stay outside the chain." If it is in the main paste to stay outside the chain, it is best to use the form of soft text, because the direct advertising is very easy to be deleted by the forum moderator. In the reply to stay outside the chain, must reply to some valuable content and then attached to the chain, do not only reply to advertising information, so it is easy to delete. Yuo Hao that the signature of the outside chain is a very good way to stay outside the chain, the effect and direct post leave the chain is similar, and will not be deleted, so we must make good use of this way.

Some forums are specially opened with soft zone, advertising area, spider area, such as the plate, which is specifically for the promotion of personnel prepared, is a worthy of good use of the place.

Third, blog

If you want to stay outside the chain through the blog, you must first put the weight of the blog to do, otherwise the effect of the chain will be relatively poor. Because the search engine now gives the blog outside the chain weight has been greatly reduced, so we must first the weight of their own blog to improve the effect will be obvious.

To increase the weight of the blog, you should keep the blog update frequency. If we can continue to update an article every day, not six months, the weight of this blog can be lifted up. Blog articles are best around a big theme, and this topic is linked to the content of our web site, so as to achieve the best results. Blog every article left 1-2 outside the chain can be, too many outside the chain will dilute the weight of each link, but also may be the search engine that is cheating.

Four, Encyclopedia class website

The link weight of this kind of website is still very high, but the operation is more difficult. This is usually done by leaving a chain in the reference or extended reading of a certain encyclopedia vocabulary. To succeed in a certain encyclopedia vocabulary to stay outside the chain, be sure to contribute to the word quality of the content, and linked to the site and the vocabulary is related to the content.

Five, the question and answer class website

The comprehensive question and answer platform mainly has the Baidu to know, searches searches asks and the Sina likes to ask, and so on, the industry type question and answer platform also has many.

Baidu know, search and ask and Sina love ask all adopt a certain mechanism to the link for manual audit or machine audit. Yuo Hao summed up some tips on how to do the operation. First of all, must be in line with the user to solve the problem of attitude, to seriously answer the question, and in the appropriate place to leave a link. Secondly, the link must have a certain relevance with the problem, it is best to be the questioner want to see information. Third, the time to send a link must be staggered in a day, can not focus on hair, and a day to limit the number within a certain amount. Four, the operation is best to use a number of vests, different IP address to achieve.

Vi. Classified information website

The classification information website is very many, moreover the weight is also relatively high, some platform already can not leave the hyperlink, but still has some platform to be possible. If you want to do this way to SEO outside the chain optimization, you need to first to Baidu and other search engines, collect and organize a large number of classified information sites, and then find the platform can be sent links, and summarized into a resource table.

Classified information Web site is mainly through the addition of enterprise information and products, service information to stay outside the chain, to achieve relatively easy.

Vii. contributions

Can write some high-quality soft text, contribute to some related industry portal site. Because these portal site's weight is very high, the user browses the quantity to be big, the reprint rate is also very high. Tips: This article by push a member Yuo Hao original, I mainly engaged in network marketing work, want to see the author more articles, please search "Yuo Hao", reprint please retain this copyright information.

The outer chain in the manuscript is very easy to be removed by the editor, so we have to study how to gently integrate the link into the soft text, become an indispensable part of the article. If the Web site in the soft text can be retained, even if the hyperlink is removed, sometimes it can play a good effect. Because when this article is reproduced in large quantities, it is possible to become a valid hyperlink on other websites.

Viii. comments and messages

In some of the comments in the article, some of the site's message board can also stay outside the chain. Some education and non-profit organizations of the site will have a message board, because the natural weight of these sites are relatively high, so the effect of the chain is still good. In a lot of information stations in the article comments can also stay outside the chain, these resources are required to continue to accumulate.

Nine, the net picks

NET pick also appellation network bookmark, network favorites, some nets pick the weight of the platform is very good. Like music collection, diglog, wax gourd nets are very good nets pick platform. The outer chain of these platforms is soon to be included.

In this kind of net-picking station to stay outside the chain also must grasp certain principle, is the URL must be able to bring value to the user. Yuo Hao thinks that what users care most is not whether your message is advertising, but whether your information is valuable to him, helpful, and whether it's what he wants to see.

X. Web site Navigation

Web site navigation refers to sites like hao123. There are a lot of this kind of websites can exchange links, we can according to their own situation to choose the right platform. Sometimes it may be necessary to pay a certain fee to our website to join this web site navigation.

The DMOZ and Yahoo catalog are essentially web site navigation. DMOZ on the quality of the site is higher, and the audit period is often longer, if the quality of the site is good, there are long-term development planning, we can apply for DMOZ included. DMOZ is a free application, and once included, SEO optimization effect is very good. Because many foreign search engines and navigation stations are based on DMOZ database as a data source. If the website is included by DMOZ, it may be included in thousands of foreign navigation stations. Yahoo Catalog is currently charged, the cost of a year is 299 dollars, enterprises can be based on their own needs to determine whether to join.

XI. Link-Exchange platform

Many webmaster forums have links to exchange the plate, these plates can not only stay outside the chain, or a free search for links to a good place. Like pushing a forum, A5 forums have similar sections, and the popularity is still relatively prosperous. So this is a labor-saving, effective and good outside the chain release platform.

12. Business-to-business website

On some large business-to-business websites, you can apply for a free corporate homepage and issue supply and demand information. This is a good way to make a product or do a service for a traditional enterprise. Not only achieved the purpose of publicity, but also enrich the site's external chain.

13, Query class website

A lot of webmaster often go to some query class site to inquire about the various indicators of their own site, including included number, the number of chain, snapshot date, Alexa rankings and so on. Some of the query records will be indexed by the search engines, and recorded as a valid outside the chain. Therefore, we can complete the increase of the chain number by leaving the query record in different webmaster tool platforms.

14, through the resources to stay outside the chain

By making some free resources and leaving URLs in these resources, it is also a great way to stay out of the chain. For example, we can make some good forum program or group buying website program, and leave our website link on the program. We can also make some good site templates, add our URLs to these templates.

Through the activities of cooperation to stay outside the chain

Many websites will hold regular and irregular online activities, and we can become partners in these activities. In this way, we will be able to on the other side of the website of the "partner" or "Support Media" section to leave our site links.

Author Info: Yuo Hao, push a member, Blue Beacon member. To see the author more articles please www.yuehao9.com

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