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First take a look at Sina Certified SEO training course Introduction Bar! SINA Certified SEO Training technology only describes the normal optimization, training content, including Web site SEO domain name framework strategy, META tag optimization, Content layout optimization, site internal link optimization, site external link building. The goal of training is to enable students to optimize the Internet after graduation, or to make money by means of SEO. Sina Certification SEO Training advantage is that Sina itself is a super large portal, with the Super Large portal network search engine optimization experience, which is not available for other SEO training. Sina Certification SEO training will also introduce Baidu box calculation application and SEO combined with the use of skills, which is not available for other SEO training.

Sina SEO Certification Training Another advantage is the combination of cases to explain, strong combat, after the completion of the website SEO program template. In addition, a part of the training is to find work guidance, teach students how to find a job. After the completion of the training pass the certification examination, issued SINA Certification SEO training certificate, certificate on the domestic famous SEO autograph. With SINA Certification SEO training certificate, famous SEO signature, students can easily find work. Tuition fee is 2500 yuan (including certification examination fee, no other charges). How do you feel after reading the above introduction? Let's take a look at this certification training "Sina features" Bar!

1, relying on the so-called advantages of their own portals. (It's a big portal, it's all birds.) )

2, has the super large-scale portal network search engine optimization experience. (How many people can do "super large portal", optimize the portal station and optimize enterprise station, personal station, E-commerce station?)

3, Introduction Baidu box calculation application and the combination of SEO skills. (I currently only think who is very cool who can enter the box, and SEO Mao relations are not.) On the contrary, Baidu seems to be more inclined to put SEO outside the box. )

4, combined with the case to explain, strong combat. (Ask which SEO training does not combine case, this also calculate advantage?)

5, the issuance of SINA Certification SEO training certificate. (This is a god-horse dongdong?) and I don't know if it's legal.

6, the certificate has the domestic famous SEO autograph. (For this feature, do you smile?) Now, the son fish want weak weak to ask: "By virtue of Sina Certification SEO training certificate, famous SEO signature, students can really easily find work?" is most enterprises to you Sina face, or most enterprises have known that the famous SEO, or ...

Yes, the current SEO training is very hot. Perhaps just learned the domain name resolution, just understand what is meta tags, just know how to do friendship link people come out to engage in the so-called SEO training. What kind of training is this? This training is: the students lose, he sucks. Good big a cloud daze leisurely float over. However, Sina also came! Are you fighting for the benefit of the jobless, or are you playing the foundation for the unemployed? All right, 2500, it's not cheap, it's not expensive, but it's a very delicate price. Because it happens to be a combination of 10 250. Sina, Sina, stir up trouble ah! Original address: http://www.zjkoo.com/post/9.html

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