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My major is special. I have to spend 15 minutes explaining my major every time.
What does the business do? It will take another 15 minutes to explain what our professional approach is ...... If you can get the monitor
I always feel a bit lucky. However, during my graduation period, one of our mentors chased me every day and asked
I think it is necessary for me to learn from our students about how our professional knowledge structure satisfies the work of consulting.
Let's share some of my experiences.

Since the consulting service is different from other jobs, it will be exposed to many different industries, so it does not mean that only the same
Students can enter the consulting work. Of course, when analyzing specific business projects, students majoring in management must have
But different professional backgrounds may also be an advantage during the interview. However
For those who work in the consulting industry, even if you are not a professional administrator, it is necessary to learn some basic administrator knowledge.
Yes. Of course, the study here is not necessarily to attend other people's courses, but also to learn about your own interests.
Knowledge learning. Now the network is so developed, the so-called "know for knowing, do not know Google"

Case study of a consulting company is a matter of great concern and of course many problems are involved. Since
I will not repeat it any more. I think the key to case is logic. When you use various theories to explain
When explaining the problems faced, you must be organized, either top down or bottom up.
Instead of overlapping a bunch of theories. Logic is especially important for liberal arts students.
It means that liberal arts students have no logic, but they feel that in the past few years, I have learned from a logical thinking.
Into a divergent thinking person. Of course, for science students, the logic should not be too big.
Problem. However, for science students, English is another important factor to be prepared. In fact, many science students
English is good. TOEFL and GRE scores are all very high. However, the interview focuses more on oral English, especially commercial English.
There may be a lot of professional words, so for science students interested in the consulting industry, English is another
To be prepared.

For non-Administrator students who want to consult, if they can have an internship experience in a consulting company, they will be interested in the future.
It is of great help for consulting. This kind of help is more important than just adding one to your resume.
In this internship, you can learn about some methods when consulting companies analyze the case. However
All people can have this opportunity. For students who cannot find a good internship, it is not necessary.
Worried, a lot of online experience learning can also play the same role. Like valut wetfeet,
There are a lot of case and case analysis methods, and many consulting companies have specific cases and points on their websites.
Analysis method. If you are interested, you can check it out.

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