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Once upon a time, Open-source software was completely insignificant. Today, open source is a great way to go, many software is already very beautiful scenery. However, there are some software obscurity is the baby. It's not clear how many people know and use the software and apps. Believe that if more people understand these open source applications, they are likely to replace some of the mainstream products.

You may never have heard of the software, or you may have heard it, but you haven't been able to use it, because you're already using another "decent" piece of software. Linux expert Jack Wallen in this article 10 of the less popular but noteworthy open source software, they provide a lot of features used and stable performance.

1, KOffice

KOffice is a suite of office software from developers of KDE desktop environments. KOffice provides a wide range of tools for home and enterprise users, including: KWord, Kspread, Kaddressbook, Korganizer, Kexi (database), Kivio (flowchart), Tellico (collection Classification), Kplato ( Project management), KPresenter (demo), Skrooge (financial) and so on. It's hard to find another office suite with so many tools. As for compatibility with Microsoft files,. doc and. xls files are fine. More complex formats may be open, but basic format files are not problematic.

2, Claws Mail

Claws Mail is one of the fastest e-mail clients on the market and highly configurable. Claws Mail features: interface is very friendly, powerful plug-in system, a large number of options, support for multiple e-mail accounts, thread display, filters, support with SSL POP3, SMTP IMAP4rev1, support NNTP, user-defined headers, support GnuPG, color tags, to do settings , templates, built-in picture browser, mail folder processing mechanism, fast storage, Support folder with multiple headers, mailbox import export, available external editor, mail queued forwarding, and so on, not enumerated. To be clear, loading this does not represent a substitute for Ms Outlook. But if you're looking for a super powerful POP or IMAP email terminal, there are some options that other terminals may not dream of, claws Mail.

3, Bohdi Linux

Bohdi Linux is a Linux distribution and plays the Enlightenment environment. Compared with other popular operating systems, Bohdi is a fairly good "aesthetic" Linux distribution, with 32-bit, 64-bit and arm editions. Bohdi's desktop is faster than GNOME, unity and KDE. Bodhi is a sophisticated, hyper-fast desktop distribution that uses kernel l3.8, Enlightenment 0.17.1, Midori 0.4.9, and many other highly efficient and lightweight applications. To find a personal Linux experience, choose Bohdi.


Xfce is a top-level program in a fast Linux desktop environment and has many features. XFCE is a complete desktop environment with panels, system trays, notifications, app integration, and more. The most suitable place for XFCE is the old hardware. If your system is Windows XP and you want the machine to maximize its residual heat, consider installing Linux with Xfce (such as Xubuntu or Ubuntu Studio). If you are already using Linux, you can install Xfce from a standard software library or a corresponding PPA.

5, ClamWin

ClamWin is ported from popular UNIX anti-virus software to Windows version. ClamWin is not so popular because it does not provide real-time protection. But that's not to say you can ignore the software. ClamWin is one of several special anti-virus software features that can be run concurrently with another anti-virus software. Yes, ClamWin and another anti-virus software will not slow down your computer like any other anti-virus software. ClamWin can be installed on Windows 98 through Windows 8, or on servers 2012, 2008, and 2003. One of its best uses is to scan for downloaded suspicious files. While ClamWin may not be your default anti-virus software, ClamWin is a great software for people who are too paranoid.

6, Battle of Wesnoth

Battle of Wesnoth is game software, nothing else. It will not improve your productivity or environmental safety, nor will it make you smarter. But it will bring you joy, let you play in the dream world a few rounds of strategy game. Battle of Wesnoth, 10 years old (first released in 2003), is one of the more popular games in Linux environments. Battle of Wesnoth can be run in Linux, Windows, and Macs, with single mode and multiplayer network mode.

7, KeePass

KeePass is a robust software in the password management program. KeePass provides very strong security performance, multi-user key features, portable version, you can export Txt/html/xml/cvs, import different formats, provide database forwarding, support password group, support time domain, support security clipboard, search and sorting function, support multi-language, can generate random password , support Plug-ins, and so on. KeePass not only encrypt passwords, it encrypts the entire database to achieve the goal of multi-level encryption.

8, Liferay

Liferay is an Enterprise Portal system that provides a wide range of themes, Web pages, web-page gadgets, and general navigation that can be used to build powerful portals and Web sites. Liferay is a content management (CMS) system, Content management architecture, and so on. Best of all, you don't need to be a developer to create a powerful web site with Liferay. With a little bit of installation and management skills, you can quickly build and run a portal/cms/Web site.

9. The Gimp

GIMPM's reputation is not so good, although it appeared in the market n years ago, it never seems to have been the heart of mainstream designers. I have been using GIMP for a long time and have been successful in designing many digital products, ranging from website images to e-books or book covers. GIMP provides a lot of powerful tools and can find many plug-ins and brushes on the web. Now the GIMP has changed to a single window mode, and those who always complain about the Gimp interface can now rest assured that learning to use GIMP is not as difficult as it used to be. GIMP can be used in Linux, Mac, and Windows.

10, Clementine

Clementine has been a good choice in music players for a long time. Not only is the playlist interface excellent, the overall vision and feel are also very refreshing. Clementine can be connected to MP3 machines such as ipods. The latest Clementine features include: Search and play local music libraries, listen to network radio, search and play songs in Google Drive, build smart dynamic playlists, import playlists into playlists, XSPF, pls and ASX formats, and support cue tables. Play music CDs, built-in transcoding, get vacancy tags from MusicBrainz, search and download podcasts, download missing cover designs, desktop notifications for Linux and OS X, and more. Clementine can be run on Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Open source software has gone a long way, from some of the initial special applications and not to the present. There are so many apps out there that it's hard to find software that's not known. The purpose of this essay is to tell you that the software is really worth paying attention to.

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