12 tips for extending Android smartphone battery life

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12 tips for extending Android smartphone battery life What is the biggest problem facing all the Android phones all over the world now? Not the processor, not the memory, not the screen, the answer is battery life. If you take out a SIM card and turn off the WiFi, then put it over again and it will last for one weeks. If once you start using it, then the problem is, one day, it's a normal thing. In fact, this is a very sad thing, previously in the evaluation of mobile phone batteries, are said to be able to persist how many days, and now, this unit has become an hour. Now if a cell phone battery can hold on for a day, then it has been a good performance. Is there any measure to improve your Android phone's standby time? In addition to putting it in your drawer, or hoping there is no one to call you, there are other more effective ways. While it's not possible to double your Android phone's standby time, you can at least let it run for a few more hours instead of suddenly losing power when you need it. Let's take a look at the following 12 tips and tricks to improve your Android phone's use time. 1. Adjust standby before bedtime the smartphone has a function that can be set to automatically turn off the phone signal and Wi-Fi function at a specified time. If you use this function while sleeping, adjusting your phone's standby state can save a significant portion of the power. If your phone does not support automatic switches, you can install a Third-party application to achieve this function, or simply adjust the phone to flight mode. Another advantage of doing this is that you can sleep without disturbing the rest of the night. 2. Turn off Wi-Fi when you don't need it. When you go to a new place, if your phone is on Wi-Fi, it will keep searching for new signals, which is also a process that consumes your phone's power, so when you don't need Wi-Fi, turn it off completely. 3. Upload and sync only when you have Wi-Fi if you are a keen dropbox user or an online music enthusiast, upload only when you have Wi-Fi, it will definitely save a lot of electricity for your cell phone battery. Because most of the time Wi-Fi connection faster, so the data exchange time is shorter, the consumption of your mobile phone lithium battery capacity of the shorter time. 4. Uninstall unused applications you never know for sure what programs are running in the background of your phone, because Android's multitasking features make automatic uploads, automatic copying, and more common. So there's always something you don't understand. The application is constantly trying to connect to the server and consume system resources in the background. Come on, don't be reluctant to erase the unnecessary apps. 5, good at using push notification features Android's built-in email application is powerful, but the defaultPushing every 15 minutes is not the best choice for a battery. If you increase the push interval or install a client for third-party mail such as Hotmail, this will help reduce battery consumption.
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