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Do you know that on average, every train ticket needs to visit "12306" website nearly a thousand times to book a success.

Do you know that hard-won "spike" to the train as much as 43% no one paid to flow back to the ticket pool.

Do you know a lot of trips when a ticket is hard to find, many of the trips there are a large number of empty seats.

Xinhua News Agency, "China Net" reporter jointly "12306" website, the number of Top State creative studio, walked into the "12306" website ticket backstage, the first time using big data to decrypt the world's largest population migration - Spring Festival, tell you a train ticket Behind the secret.

【"Seconds" kill】

Known: 8.4 Billion Times - Total visits to "12306" sites and handsets on January 9; 240k - 9 hits on average for this site on January 9;

Obtained: a second late mouse, behind more than 200,000 times, you "OUT" the.

Conclusion: This is the real "spike"!

Wechat friends circle has a very wide range of jokes: We are not buying tickets, but the lottery.

For the speed of tickets and probability of success, everyone has a small abacus. However, according to Big Data, less accurate calculations show that if 8,790,000 tickets are successfully booked at 8.4 billion visits, each visit takes about 956 visits. At this rate, it is inevitable that the mouse points to hand cramping.

January 9 as a sample, because the day selling the twelfth lunar month twenty-eight train tickets, is the last chance for many people to go home on New Year's Eve. The 240,000 hits per second, so that "bets" has become a real "spike."

Data show that about half of the tickets people grab are new tickets released the same day. Beijing dealt with passengers is to grab these "new release of votes" in a member of the difficulty of grab votes, she deeply understand. On the early morning of the 9th, when she was gearing up to grab a K263 ticket that landed at 10 o'clock in the morning, when hard sleeper from Beijing to Baotou came to an unlucky entrance to the long page of "loading", 10:05, all the tickets were sold out.

According to "12306" given data, on the 9th, per capita online shopping queue waiting in line no more than 20 seconds, the peak can also be controlled within 5 minutes. Hit the "black 5 minutes" deal with "tears chop hand" bought the plane ticket.

In this regard, "12306" experts explained: average duration may not be able to fully explain the problem, it is inevitable and user experience there are differences.

The answer is justified. As we all know, due to lack of capacity and surging demand, the "hard-to-get ticket" of the Spring Festival transport train hardly changed for the time being and the transportation of short-term large-scale population movements is a worldwide problem.

To the temperature? At the very least, online ticket sales to avoid the pain of queuing in the cold night.

To speed? Have to wait. After all, "12306" is still growing with great success: this year's Spring Festival ticket sales will usher in a daily maximum of 30 million log-in records. The highest daily number of tickets in Japan is 6.6 billion inquiries, with an average daily sales of more than 3 million tickets and a maximum of one day Sales of 501 million tickets, all numbers are surge!

Heart has unwilling to deal with people in the micro-channel Tucao, attracted two interesting reply:

A friend said: "Not enough tickets can only be queued or spike, spike happy at least, is not it?"

Another friend said: "If the '12306' technology really improves, everyone can spike, have you spanked the ox?"


Known: 9, "12,306" website booking number 8.79 million, the actual sold 501 million tickets.

Find: (879-501) ÷ 87943%, 43% were successfully "grab" the ticket did not pay, and turn back to the ticket pool.

Conclusion: When a ticket is hard to find, why are nearly half of them giving up the "victorious fruit" of their hand? Who are they?

43% of the votes did not pay, is the system is too weak, payment waiting time is too long?

Data dismissed the claim that up to 58.1% of paid tickets were paid in four minutes, the equivalent of listening to a song, and 81.7% paying within 10 minutes.

Or is it a lot of people booking success changed their mind?

Another measure of passenger travel choice to change the data is not so high - on the 9th, the refund of the votes to sell the ratio of only 13.5%. The highest refund last year, January 28, refund 110 million votes, accounting for the day sold votes 14.8%.

There seems to be only one answer: swipe software and the existence of cattle.

Although the available data can not be extrapolated for the time being, of these 43%, all kinds of cattle and tickets to grab software "contribution" how much, how much is the "second" to give up. However, when they saw "12306," known as real name ticket, sold to users named "Chibi Maruko-chan" and "Unbelievable Oriental," the little friends were shocked.

No wonder more tickets, are floating like clouds.

The cattle first cracked the code like abstract painting, but also fake identification information a minute brush away thousands of tickets, seems to have become a hacker. Internet satirical as "paralysis every festival," "12,306", "incurable diseases" and one more.

"12306" said that if by increasing the ticket barrier to stop the cattle, it will also increase the difficulty of ordinary people to buy tickets. That's right. "12306" At the same time, said the authentication network is being commissioned, will soon be able to run on the line, in the future the issue of identity ticket purchase can be solved.

In fact, given the timetable for solving the "one-vote-hard" plan for the Spring Festival, it is neither beyond the capabilities of the railway sector nor necessarily expected by people. What people really expect is a step-by-step transparent ticketing mechanism, which is an increasingly humane purchase experience.


Known: K722 times, the day before the Spring Festival, the capacity of 1216 people, the maximum squeeze into more than 1800 people

Obtained: K722 nearly half of overcrowding, while the same day the return of K724 there are a lot of empty seats.

Conclusion: The flow is a portrayal of an unbalanced development.

Starting from college, this is the fifth year that Yan Jia came to Zhengzhou. January 13, he passed "12306" website successfully bought the January 21 home vote.

Yan Jia's Spring Festival trip did not feel much unpleasant. This train originates in Zhengzhou, after Kaifeng, Fuyang and other stations bound for Wenzhou, and the peak passenger flow during the Spring Festival reversal, doomed to "not too crowded."

This is very consistent with the data we got.

Statistics show that on the 9th, 60.4 million people successfully bought tickets from Guangzhou, and on the same day 484,000 people bought tickets that arrived in Hubei. Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are the top five starting point; Hubei, Henan and Hunan is the top three in the "home province."

Comparing this list with GDP rankings is not difficult to find that in the 20 days before the holiday, a large number of Chinese migrated from underdeveloped areas to less developed areas, and many large-scale labor export provinces in the central and western regions also ushered in "returning home peak".

Spring Festival data reveal that under the new urbanization background, imbalances in China's economic development are still prominent, and structural problems in the allocation of labor resources are prominent.

For the K722 train (Nanjing to Chengdu East) data analysis more intuitively demonstrated this point.

On the 15th (the day before the formal start of the Spring Festival), the 1216-passenger train was slightly empty at the time of departure. After the second station car Hefei, the ticketing system shows that the car squeezed into the 1584 people, until the fourth leg down Sichuan Dazhou, only to ease the situation. This train sent a total of 2,505 passengers, more than two-thirds of the time is an overstaffed operation.

Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed the car, the peak of this car, the actual number of passengers over 1800 people, more than 200 more than the statistics, many are unable to buy long-distance tickets, take a short ticket on the train The practice of replacement ticket.

On the other hand, K724 (Chengdu to Nanjing) in the opposite direction of the day showed no signs of data or reporter experience.

"Tragic" is still behind. K722 on the 26th to Shanghai departure, the data show that after the vote 5 minutes, the 1216-passenger train sold 1479 tickets (including no seat), passing the station basically no ticket to sell.


Known: January 9 online shopping volume was 501 million, the station and ticket window, telephone, ticket vending machine sold 3.7 million tickets, less than the amount of online shopping 1.31 million votes.

Calculated: 501 million ÷ 8.71 million 57.5%, which is January 9 online shopping proportion of votes.

Conclusion: The more advanced the technology, the lower the cost and the stronger the ability to grab votes. There are still a large number of people outside the digital divide.

Yan Jia "a button to get" train tickets, dealt with also bought the ticket online. In the information age, proficient use of the Internet, so that they have a lower cost, faster ability to get tickets. Combined with pre-sale date tilt to the network platform, online shopping tickets have become the Spring Festival to go home, "essential weapon."

Among the 8.71 million tickets sold nationwide on January 9, online shopping was as high as 57.5%; there were 30,000 ticketing windows, 120,000 telephone lines and countless ticket vending machines nationwide, with a total of 3.7 million sold.

When Yan Jia shut the computer, pack up the luggage, ready to go to the station, migrant workers from Shaanxi to Shanghai Changle, but only touch the edge of the Internet ticketing.

Songjiang District, Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions for a number of migrant workers in the area opened a network of ticketing training. Once "would rather row for half a day team did not dare to buy tickets online" he "grab" to a no seat. Although the station to 14 hours to get home, but Changle most happy is that finally learned to buy tickets online, online payment.

Chang Lei only happy, but do not know how many "invisible hand" is grabbing votes at the same time with him. In the automatic brush votes software as "a zombie attack", although the training site advanced enough computers, fast enough speed, technical guidance patience, Chang Lei is still the scene grabbed the only "lucky."

When "12306" was first opened, the microblogging please help migrant workers buy tickets for the news, get hundreds of thousands of times forwarded. Until now, the digital divide created by the Internet is still having the Matthew effect. Some people far from new technologies are finding it more and more difficult to obtain fair social resources and are being forced to speed up the process of "touching the net."

According to background statistics, on the 15th K722 train (Nanjing to Chengdu East), the proportion of online ticketing actually exceeded 90%. About 70% of the passengers in this train are migrant workers.

Car from Leshan, Sichuan Zheng Youcai said: "This year everyone figured out, the light line not work. Whether it will, I have to try the Internet ticket." Even if not, but also by others on behalf of the "go the Internet ".

Whistle sounded, the train started. At the moment, thousands of train stations across the country, the pace of people going home rush. Helpless dealings, Yan Jia's pleasant, smooth Chang's surprise, Zheng Youcai's harvest, it is you and I met in the Spring Festival. Big data can not bring precious tickets for everyone, but it can make people understand a hard reality: the transparent ticket purchase process is a huge step forward, but the program alone can not solve the difficult problem of hundreds of millions of people coming home reunified. Only by doing everything possible to solve the bottleneck of inadequate capacity to narrow the uneven development of the regional disparity, a strong technical background and big data will not come in a "sigh."

(Xinhuanet Spring formally started the day before)

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