2013 Annual Content Marketing conference held in Cleveland, USA, September 10-11th

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Summary: The world's largest content marketing event, hosted by the Content Marketing Association (Marketing Cato), was held in Cleveland, USA, in September 10-11th in the 2013 Content Marketing Conference (contents Marketing). Global Content Marketing High

The world's largest content marketing event, hosted by the Content Marketing Association (Marketing Cato), was held in Cleveland, USA, in September 10-11th, the Content marketing Conference of 2013. Sarah Skerik, senior vice president of global content marketing at the US-China Society, attended the meeting as a guest speaker and, through the official blog of the agency, talked about some gains and insights on topics of content marketing with other professional communicators. Hope that all walks of life PR marketers have inspired.

Six Trends of multimedia marketing

Todd Wheatland, vice president of marketing, the world's leading human resources agency, delivered a speech at the meeting-"visual marketing Strategy: something you haven't done yet, but you should do".

How many people are making full use of multimedia today when "visual elements" are repeatedly mentioned by PR marketers? All kinds of video on the internet are overwhelming, but the true quality of the content of the familiar, how exactly should we practice? According to a recent market study conducted by the agency and PR news, up to 79% of PR professionals believe that video has not yet been fully exploited, but they have clearly increased the use of multimedia content in the development of the 2014 brand communications strategy. At the same time, PR people also put forward the lack of resources, time constraints, such as multimedia marketing process challenges encountered. So in today's fast-changing fragmented postmodern media environment, how can we fully develop the advantages of multimedia, so as to more effectively meet the brand marketing strategy?

Todd Wheatland put forward six trends and techniques in multimedia marketing.

1. Short video

Twitter's biggest news this year is the introduction of a short video application Vine. Instagram also followed, adding 15 seconds of video capture and upload capabilities, making it a new medium with a function similar to that of mobile TV.

2. Pay Promotion

Do you know that many of the videos that are hot online are spread by paying services to the virus? Indeed, if you want your video to take a lot of attention in cyberspace, the first thing to do is make it attractive enough, and then pay a little extra for the upgrade to spread quickly and widely.

3. Interpretive Video

An interpretive video is a video that succinctly and clearly explains your brand in a two-minute period, telling the audience: what does your business do? Where is the advantage? Why do people choose you? Interpretive video not only helps people to understand the diversified business of enterprises more intuitively, but also facilitates the benign interaction between enterprises and existing customers, and can also find new business opportunities.

4. New "Bottle" To install old "wine"

Making a video or a picture to replace an old blog or white paper will not only give a new sense of ideas and information, but also increase the share of content in social media.

5. Multi-channel communication

One of the great advantages of multimedia content is the ability to show fluency on a variety of devices (desktops, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) and multiple platforms (social media, networks).

6.GIF Dynamic Diagram


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"Content" to drive "emotion"

When we talk about "content marketing", it is not simply the act of releasing information, but rather a storytelling approach to describe meaningful events or experiences, thus stimulating the consumer behavior of the audience. Lee Odden, chief executive of Toprank Marketing, a search engine marketing agency, stressed the importance of emotional driving in consumer behavior: "How does a brand build emotional relationships with consumers (emotional connection)?" What are the ups and downs that consumers have experienced in the process from encountering problems until they find solutions and complete purchases? If we study these problems carefully, we can set up an emotional connection with the audience and stimulate the consumption behavior. ”

Content is evolving towards visualization, humanization, immediacy and mobility, and can be compatible and propagated across media platforms. In short, content marketing is an inspiring art, and it's about creating works that make people bright. Convert the "experience moment of the audience (moment in the experience)" to the "demand moment (a moment of inquiry)" to facilitate the purchase opportunity.

"Online communities are as active and greedy as customers. We need to get content to ' feed ' them. "Therefore, in the study of user behavior, it is important to locate the user's voice most of the online platform, and then spread your content, stimulate the user's feelings, and dialogue with them."

The data showed that the audience's chances of buying the product increased by 85% after watching a video of the product. Lee Odden that content marketing and users to form an attractive (attract), participation (engage), conversion (convert) cycle. In every aspect of this cycle, marketers are playing an unprecedented role, they want to conceive strategy, creative ideas, but also to make, search, analysis, and all these tasks are inseparable from the "content." Robert Rose, chief strategist at the Content Marketing Association, argues that the good content is not just content, but that ascension becomes a belief that marketers who want to create such beliefs need to adhere to the following "4P principles".

1. Promoter: Focus on audience needs and desires (needs & wants)

2. Preacher: Focus on findings and results (Discovery & Answers)

3. Professor: Focus on interest and passion (acquires & Passion)

4. Poet: Focus on feelings and beliefs (feelings & beliefs)


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"Marketing" Your "marketing" (harsh Your Marketing)

Jay Baer, author of the New York Times bestseller Youtility, believes that successful content marketing allows people to buy products voluntarily. But how can we improve the content?

Content is crucial to whether users decide to buy, and over the past year, buyers have increased their reliance on content by a single fold. According to Google statistics, business-to-business buyers before formal negotiations with suppliers, the product research has been completed 70%, and these results are of course based on the brand or product previously disseminated content.

Jay Baer raised the following two points about how to make good content and how to spread content effectively.

1. Solve problems instead of selling products simply

The combination of personal and commercial life means marketers must create quality content that will stand out from the audience's video of friends and relatives and the meow video. Jay Baer points out that one of the ways brands enhance their content visibility is to "make the story grander (making the story bigger)" and not just focus on your product or service. Make the customer feel that you can solve the real problem in their daily life, not just sell the product. Of course, let the customer feel "useful" is on the one hand, but also make the content easy to be seen by the public.

2. Use social media and pay media to market your information

Social media

"If you compare content to a fire, social media is gasoline," says Jay Baer. "You can't simply assume that a microblog is equivalent to a free 140-word press release, but social media plays an unparalleled role in increasing the speed and breadth of content and in facilitating interaction between publishers and recipients."

Paid Media

Advertising and PR activities can greatly increase the visibility and influence of brand content, but also may "earn" some additional exposure opportunities, so that your content in the previous media platform has not arrived to spread widely.


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Downstream strategy for content marketing (downstream strategy)

In recent years, we talked about content marketing most of all: how to schedule the editorial? How to optimize keyword search? How to promote interaction on social platforms? How to train buyers? These are all in order to create and release to the audience favorite quality content, but we often ignore the content after publishing (post-publication) marketing initiatives. In fact, as mentioned above, the content of brand marketing not only has the competitors in the industry, but also with the audience's family, relatives and friends of the content of the spread of a higher, not to mention in a variety of social media on the high popularity of baby movie or Meow and doggy video. In this case, even if you already have good content, there is no guarantee of success in communication. Therefore, in order to win enough audience attention, the content must be adequately supported, promoted, and labeled with the correct information. In short, we need to understand some of the downstream strategies of content marketing.

So what do we need to do to follow up when content is already spreading?

1. Further promote your content

In the previous article, Todd Wheatland and Jay Baer have both emphasized the importance of promoting their own content, but this is not simply a few tweets. Todd Wheatland mentions that many viral videos are based on paid promotion services to trigger online buzz. Jay Baer further points out that advertising can not only increase the amount of reading of the brand content, but also facilitate the content in other media to be broadcast.

2. Attaching importance to copyright

Copyblogger chief executive Brian Clark points out that content copyrights are more important both for Google and for ordinary consumers. The author (rel=author) and publisher (Rel=publisher) labels indicate the authenticity of the source and connect the content to the content provider's Google + page. Given that Google has reduced the weight of unsigned content, it makes it easier for audiences to search for signed content when surfing the web.

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