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Absrtact: Zhou in today's communication meeting today, Qihoo 360 held a communication meeting on the theft of user privacy in 360 secure browsers. Qihoo 360, chairman of the Zhou (Micro-blog), said the company has 360 security browser submitted to the Ministry of Inspection agencies, hoping to use third-party agencies to prove

Zhou at today's communication meeting

Qihoo 360 today held a communication meeting on the "360 Security browser" to steal user privacy. Qihoo 360, chairman of the Zhou (Micro-blog), said the company has 360 security browser submitted to the Ministry of testing agencies, hoping to use third-party agencies to prove that the product in the user's privacy no problem.

Qihoo 360 yesterday said that the court had been sued by Ark Son (Weibo) and Baidu reputation infringement. In the same day's new state news conference, the ministry said it has been involved in investigating Qihoo 360 browser to steal user privacy. Zhou said today that the ministry's involvement was driven by Qihoo 360, "We were looking for a third party government agency to make an appraisal of the product." ”

For Ark questioned 360 browser without user License user account password and other information upload server problem, Zhou response that see a software to steal the user's privacy, can not communicate with the server as the basis, but should be uploaded with what information and whether the user knows two criteria to judge. "360 browser and landing butler to save user information is a button confirmed by the user." "Zhou said.

Qihoo 360, Ark Son and Baidu between the saliva war has been carried out for more than half a month. October 9, Fang Zi Bo recommended users uninstall the "360 Security browser", said the browser to steal user data, infringement of personal privacy. Qihoo 360 then issued a statement, and quoted Netizens said Ark son by rival Baidu "buy". In response to Qihoo 360, Fang continued to carry several tweets, supplemented with photographic evidence to try to prove that "360 secure browsers" violate user privacy. October 22, Fang said that has been to a court in Beijing, Zhou, Qihoo 360 privacy Officer Tanxiaosheng, 360 browser product director Tao Weihua Three executives, and each claim 200,000.

Baidu has not been publicly declared on the matter. This August, Qihoo 360 launched 360 search to become a direct competitor to Baidu. 360 after the launch of the search soon, Baidu shares fell more than 5%. Zhou today again mentioned Baidu, and said the matter is Baidu debit boat before the "fake" influence on Qihoo 360. Zhou said 360 had already mastered some of the evidence behind the allegations of Baidu's operation, but because the incident was ultimately resolved by judicial means, it is not being released, "We are not ready to play this card." ”

Baidu has not yet responded to the incident.

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