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TVB, general manager of Hong Kong's Wireless (TVB) television business, TVB, has been accused of bribery and conspiracy to defraud and is about to be tried on 21st. However, from the reaction of TVB, the case does not seem to be so easily closed. It is learnt that in the ensuing trial of three persons such as TVB, the ICAC will arrange for 52 witnesses to testify in court. And 37 of the witnesses came from TVB. Among these witnesses were 5 tvb Hua Dan, who was suspected of being defrauded, as well as a number of heavyweight figures such as Fong, director of the Ministry of Production resources, Le Yiling, general manager of the TVB Group, and deputy Chairman and managing director of the radio.  In this way, whether TVB can be sentenced to prison, to some extent, to see his colleagues in the testimony of the! The witness was sent to "seal the password" and was unwilling to mention the matter TVB implementation of the Court on 21st, Wireless will have 37 people summoned to testify in court. Among these witnesses were artists Charmaine, Yang, Yang Sixi, Chen Minzhi, Chen Yan, Cui Cui and the "Emperor" Wayne, and vice chairman of the board of Directors Fong. According to relevant sources, wireless for the exemption of artistes to disclose the facts of the case, has immediately internal notification artistes must be sealed, not to talk about the case.  Regardless of the "victim" of the 5 major Hua Dan, or TVB internal staff, are very consistent choice of evasive attitude. According to insiders, TVB involved in corruption was prosecuted, wireless group general manager Li Baoan by e-mail and verbal orders of all professional entertainers "seal", Foreign Affairs deputy director Zeng Jinming yesterday to issue an internal circular, refers to the incident has entered the judicial process, anyone who mentions the case may affect the development of the incident,  Therefore, the wireless alert staff can not mention the case. Yang Sixi and Charmaine, who are likely to be present in the TVB case, have said "no response" on the basis of "access to judicial proceedings". Yang, who is also likely to testify in court, said: "I am most concerned about Chan have no spirit to face things, I hope he is happy to face." "Wayne, who was sent to work at a bargain," said yesterday: "I will go to court." I hope he (TVB) has nothing to do. "Whether TVB is in prison, 5 Hua Dan testimony is very important." In the legal profession, it is relatively easy for the prosecution to prove that conspiracy to defraud and receiving benefits is more likely to be a crime. Once convicted, the chances of a prison sentence will be quite high. Some legal persons have also said that the evidence of 5 Hua Dan is very important.  If 5 Hua Dan clarified in court that the day was TVB as a friend, and willing to pay no money, even if the wireless authority as a broker to divide the remuneration, and stressed that there were losses in the incident, the prosecution could not prove TVB fraud. It is understood that one of the charges charged against TVB by the ICAC refers to TVB last year, "Chi Yun 14.2 first election" new book activities, invited Charmaine, Yang Sixi, Yang, Chen Yan, Chen Minzhi and other 5 people to support, but the truth is that the jeweler Mabelle and TVB assistant of the ideological trend publishing house had an agreement, Pledged to pay HK $300,000 while the arrangements for 5 Hua Dan, wireless actuallydid not know. Charmaine and Yang said they would not respond. Chese Center also attended the event, but said she was invited by TVB to attend the event without a penny, and only as a private friend. Trainee journalist Ducan
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