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Economic observation Network reporter horse Towel ke According to the Southern Press network 4th news, the Spring Festival Railway ticket real name system hit the cattle, but also to some passengers travel caused inconvenience.  But recently learned from Guangzhou railway station, the real-name purchase ticket quietly untie. Reported that the recent discovery of passengers with a booklet, such as 9 valid documents, can also be in the Ticket Hall designated window to buy real-name train tickets.  Without these 9 types of valid documents, passengers, you need me to the railway station square temporary system, for the "Passenger ticket purchase Certificate" to buy tickets. The new 9 types of valid documents to be allowed to buy tickets include: Resident residence permit (with photo), resident's temporary residence permit (with photo), expired Resident ID card, driver's license, student's certificate, discharge certificate, proof of Release and rescue certificate.  3rd, Guangzhou railway station ticket Hall opened 12 to 16th Special Ticket window, for holding the above 9 types of documents for passengers to buy tickets business. The real-name test, the railway Department reference to civil Aviation regulations, only allow 20 kinds of documents can buy train tickets. In addition to the one or two-generation identity card, other documents common passengers are less used. However, after the start of the Spring Festival, real-name real-name problems, such as some visitors do not understand the real name, and others buy tickets, the results of the ticket printed on the other side information, resulting in ticket passengers can not stop. Some people, because a person does not meet the conditions of buying a real-name ticket, the whole family gave up the car.  In order to meet the needs of those who do not meet the real-name conditions but do need visitors, the Canton Railway has decided to add 9 more valid documents on the basis of the original 20 kinds of valid documents. The report also said, it is understood that now each wicket is equipped with two volunteers, through the computer to check the second generation ID card, real-name ticket and passengers I agree to stop. And with the residence booklet, "Passenger ticket purchase Certificate" and other tickets to the station passengers, you need volunteers to manually check the identity number of valid documents and tickets on the identity card number is consistent.  Ticket gate staff said, Manual Check booklet, driver's license and other documents, the time spent far more than check the second generation of ID card time. In addition, the railway department expected the peak of the passenger flow will gradually arrive around 5th, and reached the highest peak on 11th. With the arrival of the Spring Festival Rush, the pressure of wicket will be even greater.
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