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Tencent Technology Zong October 9 Helsinki reported that Finland was once very close to Chinese users. For more than more than 10 years, Nokia's mobile phone from Finland has been carrying people's technology and digital Life, and the slogan of people-oriented technology has gone into the mind. Once popular mobile game Angry Birds also from Finnish game company Rovio Hand. Sadly, last year, after the Nokia handset business was sold to Microsoft, the familiar Nokia seems to be gone forever. After the end of a game cycle, Angry birds seems to have become a memory. What are the driving forces underpinning Finland's continued innovation? Invited by the Finnish Embassy's pure Finland project, Tencent has been fortunate enough to enter Finland after the National Day of the year to learn about Finnish technological innovation and investment. On the first day in Finland, it started with the people who are most concerned about Nokia. Nokia's former employees of 400 descendants have set up 400 small companies in Finland. It was a surprise when General manager Marco, the Center for Innovation in Finland, told the figures. These companies, including the already small well-known mobile phone companies Jolla, most companies are not familiar with the user, but the invisible, the former Nokia created by the company has built a ICT ecosystem for Finland. The ecosystem from mobile software and hardware to the ICT security system, coupled with Nokia-created map navigation, coupled with Angry Birds's developer Rovio, has climbed to the top of the Apple App Store download list of the game "Tribal wars" developer Supercell, is already a complete ICT business environment. There is no doubt that Nokia's decline is impressive. Asked how to look at the post-Nokia era, Finland's minister of European and Foreign Trade affairs, Lenita Toivakka, was a bit emotional: Nokia was really strong, but we want to stress that the people who created this myth are still there. We have not lost this ability. She admits that there is no big company like Nokia in the past, and that it won't happen anytime soon. But as Finland's universities pay attention to technological research and innovation, rather than lament Nokia's demise, they are the hidden treasures of the initiative to tap into these small, innovative companies. Social and gaming enthusiasts in Finland, social applications and games are most popular with users. This seems to be the same with users in other countries, but it's also different. Marco explained that the Finnish people are more adaptable and prefer to use social applications, and everyone is excited when communicating with social applications. When it comes to specific applications, Marco says he uses Whatapps and Facebook. Hannah, who oversees foreign affairs at the Finnish Foreign Ministry, prefers to keep in touch with Twitter and media partners, and Facebook is all about the sun. In Finland, there are also a considerable number of people like to use micro-letter (WeChat), but they found that the opening of micro-credit public accounts for foreign users is a bit of a problem, the proposal can simplify some formalities. Another of the most popular applications is Naturally tourPlay。 Marco argues that the latest trend is that games with educational functions are more popular. This seems to be in the same vein as the education concept advocated by Finland. Interestingly, as in other countries, it is also difficult to capture the favorite applications of children in Finland. The change of app speed is very fast and new application is changed every six months. I don't want to catch up. Mark smiled. I hope China will invest more in cloud computing. China and Finland have established diplomatic relations for a long time and 1950. China's investment in Finland, however, is relatively low. Lenita revealed that China's investment in Finland is now more than 2 million euros a year, mainly it, communications investment. Huawei, for example, has built research and development centers in Finland. Lenita analysis said that the reason for the less investment is that the exchange between the relatively small, many investors do not know Finland. She hopes to promote investment in the future through improved understanding and preferential policies. In terms of attracting investment, the Finnish goal is clear, and Lenita revealed that the most attractive investment is cloud computing and data center orientation. Why is it the goal of this country? Finnish weather is colder, she explains, and it is Finland's advantage to build data centers that need to cool down. A data center at Google (Weibo) is built in Finland. In addition, according to the determination of geomorphology, the possibility of earthquakes in Finland is relatively small, which is conducive to the preservation of data. The European economy is fragile and the Finnish government needs to accelerate investment and support for innovation. Lenita uses a, B, C, and D to classify Finnish businesses in the field of innovation. A on behalf of the Arctic Technology, b for biochemical technology, C for clean technology, D for digital technology. As an island in northern Europe, Finland has fewer people and resources, and if so, only do things with confidence. Lenita said.
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