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The combination of the big warehouses, the lazy fellows, the US-American internet supermarkets and the koushou of traditional retailing and online seems to have not yet entered the right track. Recently, and the marriage of Wal-Mart's No. 1th Store (micro-blog) and called "online supermarket double-hung" warehouse has suspended business, more than 5 years the lazy Guy online supermarket also hung up a temporary closure of the announcement. A few months ago, the United States and the United States online supermarket less than half years old has died.  Many online supermarkets survive challenges, but this does not stop the pace of new and old businesses to enter. The existence of many not optimistic in the online shopping increasingly popular today, the main necessities of life on the Internet supermarket has also begun to be accepted by consumers.  Consumer Wang said, because work busy, in addition to the purchase of fresh vegetables, such as raw products, rice, grains and cereals are mostly in the online supermarket to buy. The Alliance of Foreign retail giants Wal-Mart, for the rapid development of shop 1th added weight. At present, it not only expands its business scope to 31 provinces and cities in China, but also launches virtual supermarkets. At the same time, shop 1th also introduced the first fresh products, and started the platform business; I bought the Network (micro-blog) also because the back of the tree into the development of fast line; Sunshine an online supermarket because it is the cooperation of Metro, also established a stable customer base.  However, this is not the mainstream of online supermarkets, most online supermarkets are not optimistic about the survival of the situation. Not long ago, once and No. 1th shop with the big warehouse online supermarket hanging out notice: The Company "system internal adjustment, since today, the system suspend settlement function." Earlier, the big warehouse online supermarket has begun to shrink business. In July this year, the large warehouse has said that the purchase orders and recommended orders to enjoy the original 2%-5% rebate, no longer continue to issue.  Another source said that, at the end of September, large warehouses online supermarket offices have been deserted. There's also a lazy guy online supermarket with the Big warehouse online supermarket. Late last month, the site also hung a "temporary shutdown" announcement.  Customer service said the product line will be adjusted over the next few months, but the restart time is not yet certain. In the closed state of the United States and the US-American online supermarket. Reporters logged on to the site yesterday to see that the site is still in the "Upgrade" state. Reporter learned that the United States and the United States Online mall is the capital of the local supermarket in the earliest online E-commerce site. However, in July this year, the opening of the United States only half a year online mall, but declared "premature".  In the United States online shopping mall has just opened, the relevant person responsible for the good vision also vividly. The investment of capital plays a decisive role in the current online supermarket is showing a huge gap, the beauty of supermarket executives are not surprised. He said that, unlike the network business, traditional enterprises "net" can not rely on burning money to cultivate the market.  Online shopping mall not only to consider the consumer acceptance of goods, all kinds of costs are equally important. Experts generally believe that online supermarket integration line, offline resources, although it is a good model, but may increase costs. One of the biggest inputs is logistics.  In this case, the capital strength of the online supermarket will become the most important in the process of enterprise development. That is true. According to an insider, the big goodsStack online supermarket at the beginning of the line by the industry acclaim, it has the world's top 500 enterprises Golden Group background, and opened the line under the combination of the model.  In an interview with reporters, the company staff said that the major shareholders after a meeting to discuss, feel no need to continue to invest, and finally decided to close the big warehouses. In the industry's view, at present, including Jingdong Mall (micro-BO) and other domestic mainstream e-commerce sites, most of them are still in the stage of burning money, has not entered the profit period.  Therefore, for the online supermarkets that have not yet formed enough hematopoietic function, the withdrawal of the parent company is bound to cause a significant negative impact on the development of the enterprise.  Counter 1th Store, because this year won the shares of Wal-Mart, access to fresh, large amount of capital blood, into the vigorous development stage; another domestic online supermarket representative Enterprise I bought the net, its behind has the powerful Cofco group to support, the commodity category also many for the Cofco production, has the innate supply chain superiority.  Scale, localization is the key although strong capital strength is the decisive factor of the survival of online supermarkets, but the site wants to embark on the development of fast line, its operators still need to pay more. "Reaching a certain scale and selling localized products is the cornerstone of the development of online supermarkets," said Zhaojing, an e-commerce expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He pointed out that if online supermarkets can not reach a certain size, it can not achieve profitability, not a healthy business model. At the same time, because the supermarket sells most is the necessaries of life, therefore has the regional difference.  Online supermarkets should be tailored to meet local consumer demand for goods. In addition to scale and localization, how to solve the cost pressure of the online supermarket is also the key factor to realize the development of the enterprise. A business expert said that consumers have higher logistics requirements for online supermarkets, so it is a good way to set up offline purchasing points.  However, this model also has drawbacks, because online supermarkets need to pay purchasing point a certain fee, but the supermarket itself is the business of boli, so will increase operating costs.  At the same time, the physical store into the line to break the inertia of thinking, and traditional shopping malls, online supermarkets can also use boli products to attract passenger flow, while selling more profitable products, to achieve profitability. A senior executive at Wal-Mart also said that while it was all about selling the necessities of life, doing physical stores and doing online supermarkets was completely different.  If the online supermarket wants to do well, its operation mode must be independent to ensure its normal operation. And business experts say the biggest profit opportunities for online supermarkets lie in page hits.  In fact, the gross profit margin of the supermarket goods is very low, online supermarkets can earn high advertising costs by clicking on the Internet. Despite the temporary setbacks, the prospect of the online supermarket has attracted the capital from all walks of life. Reporter survey found that at present, from all walks of life to dabble in the field of online supermarket. In the mainstream of online supermarkets, both the network to build large online supermarkets, community supermarkets, but also the real supermarket giant opened up the online business.  Even the conglomerate's Cofco group also made me buy a net to try to share this big cake. Network created by the networkIn the supermarket, shop number 1th is the most famous.  Data show that July 11, 2008, Shanghai Yi-Real E-commerce Co., Ltd. founded the investment Shop No. 1th. At the same time that the network merchant enters the line supermarket field, the traditional supermarket big guy also lonely. At present, traditional retailers do a lot of online supermarkets, including the Sam's member store (Weibo), the United States, Auchan, farmers and workers, Wal-Mart and Century Lian Hua.  These traditional retailers "net" models vary. In addition to facing the "wide masses" of large-scale online supermarkets, the recent market has also appeared a number of community supermarkets. Commercial newspaper reporter He Heng Kosunghuyan share to:
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