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LinkedIn has grown to become the biggest threat to headhunters.

Absrtact: Andrew Hill Wen, author of the FT's March 2013 website, Andrewshire that LinkedIn has grown to be the biggest threat to headhunters, and that traditional headhunters could suffer devastating blows. The article sparked a huge controversy, followed by Andrew Hill, a senior Silicon Valley March 2013 ft website writer, Wen, Andrew that LinkedIn has grown to be the biggest threat to headhunters, and that traditional headhunters could be devastated. The article caused great controversy, with ...

The new venture: You fight the world, we define the world.

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest owners buy Cloud host technology Hall was originally considered "unreliable" and "brain residual" of the students, began to embark on the stage of entrepreneurship. For them: Liu's generation is the pursuit of beauty, for the pursuit of beauty money.   And our generation defines what beauty is. Not long ago, Tencent invited several new entrepreneurs to share their entrepreneurial experience.   At that time, the name of a boy wearing slippers on stage, clothes printed on the "I Love Human" four characters. "I was probably the first person to give a speech in a slipper," Yinsan.

3G full definition _3g exactly what it means.

In this basic knowledge area I've seen an administrator send a complete introduction to WiFi (WAI-FAI) without the more popular 3G, one of which is the internet of things, http://www.chinacloud.cn/show.aspx?id= 2165&cid=17 for everyone more detailed understanding 3G I conveniently in Baidu know excerpt down after all, people say already good enough we don't need to modify the counter ...

Smart mobile devices bring star personal App wave

Concentration point of view In 2012 smart mobile devices bring star personal App trend, fans and celestial distance, real-time multiple interactive possible. Now Star App, not only to become a channel of communication between fans and celebrities, but also hope to tap the Chinese-style fan economy, changing the star's income structure. Brokerage companies no longer need to prepay for development costs. The Star App is jointly developed by Runhua and operated jointly by the star itself, brokerage firms and technology companies. Ultimately, the profits are distributed in proportion and Runhua Link becomes the partner involved. "See what the stars are like" is a fan ...

The latest issue of The Economist magazine published a column

An obscure garage can often breed an extraordinary High-tech company, but Amazon, the most recent issue of The Economist, has opted for a path of development and has been firmly on the road for more than 20 years. Amazon's success has proved to the world: the constant pursuit of development is the company always invincible the hard truth. The following is a summary of the article: In the summer of 1994, Bezos (Jeff Bezos) resigned from his work on Wall Street, with his wife Mackenzie Besos (MacKenzie Bezos) ...

Mobile Internet God "horse" has become

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall buys Sina Weibo and the gold map, has demonstrated Ali to open up outside community's attempt heart.   If the internal difficulty from the product side to grasp the "social + mobile" pulse, the investment approach to complete. Alibaba this round of internal restructuring, is to make the group into a large community, the realization of internal ecology, and the outside communication barrier is also less. "Maybe in 35 years it will become open source to the outside world, which means that Alibaba is the underlying platform for the entire e-business system."   "Zeng said. Buy Sina Weibo ...

BuzzFeed's classic attack in the new media era: monthly visits 140 million, valued at $200 million

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall I Black Horse Note: After the visit exceeds the New York Times, BuzzFeed is already the third largest news site in the United States.     BuzzFeed perfect interpretation of the new media in the road, let me review the monthly visit volume 140 million, the value of 200 million U.S. News station is how to be in the new media era.   1. Network media has a unique communication advantage, social networks and search engines can quickly spread content to hundreds of millions of web readers; 2. Light weight ...

The most important news and events of this year's Science and technology

Absrtact: Near the end of the year, someone will always ask me the most important news and events in the field of science and technology. If I can only choose one, I think I will choose Facebook 2 billion dollars to buy Oculus, not the amount of the acquisition, not the whole world is helping Xiao-Zha to talk about a world near the end of the year, there will always be someone asked me the most important technology in the field of news and events. If I can only choose one, I think I will choose Facebook 2 billion dollars to buy Oculus, not the amount of the acquisition, not the whole world is helping Xiao-Zha talk about a world ...

How to invest: the same age entrepreneurs understand the needs

As the founding partner of IDG Capital, Shong now likes to emphasize that IDG is also "a". "I was in 1992 to return to do the venture capital, 1993 to do this fund (IDG), now 21 years, so our fund is also". "Shong this explains IDG's" the "the" the "identity. And this behind, as a venture in China's pedigree, for a long time almost VC synonym of IDG, now in the "group" is very windy. Statistical data show that in less than a year, IDG has ...

How long will the future be red?

The speed of light An Zhen partner Hanyan is very bullish on mobile based images and video socializing. "In China, we also want to find pictures and video social applications that are suitable for Chinese use." We think the chances are great. "We all know how hot it is to remember the fire," he said. From 1000 to 100, the App Store takes almost 8 months. And from more than 100 to jump up to the free classification of the 1th, this time, the full memory of the magnificent leap only took less than 10 days. "Now we add more downloads per day than 1 million, daily active users nearly 50%", the foot of the joint ...

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