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These days, Acfun rumors, conspiracy theorists, pretended to know, Bufen corpse, point candle bog, etc., the crowd is not lively.

In Japan, Acfun and Bilibili once imitated object NicoNico, also experienced copyright storm, up the main run away, encounter rival Zoome and other past events, these are Chinese Internet users déjà vu history. Unlike several websites in mainland China, NicoNico development to later, with a live broadcast and electricity and other services, the parent company Dwango by the Nintendo Investment, and the merger of the angle Chuan, once outgoing to acquire Hayao Miyazaki's Ghibli, founder of Sichuan on the number of students to create Eva Khara Studio Director ... NicoNico not only "ruled" but also walked out of the Japanese home circle, playing a role beyond "Japan's YouTube."

The NicoNico of the early years

Japan's early internet and China have a common feature, walking behind the United States, and then developed a "local characteristics."

At the end of last century, the West Village Bo, who studied in the United States, founded 2CH, a similar but extremely concise interest forum with Tianya or mop.

In 1997, two years after the founding of Yahoo, Chuan on the number of students set up to provide entertainment information to play the country (Dwango), 2003, the company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

The launch of YouTube in 2005 became popular, and Japan began to show some video sites. December 12, 2006, more than playing the national flag Communications services company Niwango opened NicoNico, later became Niwango director of the West Village Bo, on the blog to his home circle friends to recommend.

NicoNico does have a place to recommend, and innovative pinball screens allow video to play better. However, it did not initially provide video upload services, but instead used YouTube video streaming, playing on its own site and adding real-time message subtitles. (This trick, and then follow the NicoNico of China's Web site together to learn to, let the porter is part of the member or say up the Lord, in Sina gifted love, such as popular video website upload again hotlinking. The former operator of a station Saimon once put the reason of the domestic hotlinking phenomenon boils down to one point: Big company disease, the video website department is complex, the website that bomb screen steals is not directly responsible for, and the Operation department sees increase the video upload quantity, also turn a blind eye not to seek trouble. By the 12 and 13, the video site copyright progress by leaps and bounds, began to impact the bomb screen station, talk about cooperation or the performance of the very poor to resort to the law. )

At that time YouTube, and no serious big company disease, since February 23, 2007 after the ban NicoNico access to its video. NicoNico not guerrilla warfare, forced to close the service, but two weeks later using Niwango's own launch of the sharing service Smilevideo.

NicoNico can survive and develop rapidly in this blow, naturally inseparable from the listed companies behind the country. And many countries are willing to support such a project, because of the leadership of the Vision and love, 2011 Sichuan on the quantity of the Ghibli studio Suzuki Toshio, learning animation film production, but also because Japan's Internet and intellectual property rules more transparent. NicoNico very early use of Google AdSense Service, began in June 2007 to provide paid accounts, to the second month paid membership of more than 54000 people, registered ID more than 2 million; July 2007 also began to display information on the relevant products under the video page, there are CDs, DVDs, Books, hand-run, etc. In contrast to China's Internet environment, even the web game, although the damage to the user experience but can let the flow of the model is not mature, tort and be tort is commonplace, stationmaster people struggling. This same and different situation, behind the Chinese and Japanese intellectual property rights are different.

Copyright, Mad and Zoome

Shortly after the NicoNico, in January 2007, a Japanese DSL network service provider ACCA NX online zoome.

Zoome use is not the same as the NicoNico bubble-style high-level barrage, users can edit the display when the text content, color, text size, font, accurate positioning on the screen, as well as the background transparency of the barrage, stay time, enter the exit effect ... A variety of tricks.

Zoome also has two NicoNico features that were not available at the time. It can upload high-definition video, which makes many of the high definition of people like to do their own mad clear version on the zoome. It also has a public channel circle feature that allows anyone interested to add their video footage to the same circle.

NicoNico several events in those years also gave Zoome the possibility of the go-ahead.

At the end of 2007, NicoNico was caught in a first-note scandal, which tried to register the copyright of the song's future songs, but did not get permission from the songwriter, resulting in the wrath of the music-synthesizer vocaloid enthusiasts (the first tone of the future is Crypton Future Media company is based on Vocaloid. This scandal, let NicoNico many members to zoome, the latter because of and crypton cooperation "cane Sakuya and lower Tamai tdki" and rapid development.

In July 2008, three groups in the Japanese animation industry asked NicoNico to tighten control of animation and other content, to the mad and other infringing animation as soon as possible delete. This allowed some mad authors to shift their positions to zoome, not just as a high-definition version of the spare tire.

Another video-sharing website Stage6 closed in 2008, and most of its users turned to zoome. In 2008, Zoome was independent from ACCA NX.

However, Zoome finally failed to reverse the attack successfully. Its advantages, to a certain extent, has become a disadvantage to make it difficult to grow.

High-definition video, in the 2008, even in Japan's network environment, will also cause slow loading speed, instability problems. YouTube and FC2, which are not video sites, provide a clear and stable video stream.

Feature-rich high-level barrage, so that enthusiastic users have to spend a long time to study the use of methods, in Yahoo Knowledge (popular in Japan and Taiwan, similar to the services known to Baidu), asked how to register on the zoome how to upload video of the people is not uncommon. The browser requirements are also higher, many computers do not have a good support for its function of the Flash plug-in caused the playback exception. Even, Zoome once limited paid users to upload video.

The Matthew Effect of the social network's users makes Zoome's situation more difficult. By the year 2010, people who uploaded videos and watched videos were already very scarce, and the previously accumulated barrage was also referred to as too "Yangchun". In August 2011, NicoNico and YouTube zoome closed the service.

What would you do if you were in the face of a competitor, NicoNico, who hardly naps?

Today's NicoNico is no longer just a video site. The above gathered and bred a number of well-known singing and dancing See, become Japan's two-dimensional culture in the center of the Internet. It has other services in addition to video:


Live video, the domestic fighting fish similar.

NicoNico static painting

Share the electronic version of comic books and light novels, similar to the American Comixology or Chrunchroll.

NicoNico News

Graphic information portal.

NicoNico Encyclopedia

Two dimensions of Wikipedia, China has Meng Niang encyclopedia.

NicoNico Channel

A channel that is centered on the user who publishes the video.

NicoNico Stereo

Community sharing 3D modules, many modules are developed by Software MMD (Miku Miku dance). Will it then do the 3D version of the PIXIV or the fg-site of the hobby community?

NicoNico appli

The main page is used to recommend the game's App store.

NicoNico Market

including music, DVD, BD, peripherals, home appliances, beauty, health supplies and so on the electrical business website.

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