After health management, wearable equipment aimed at another battlefield child safety

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Absrtact: After health management, wearable equipment is targeted at another battlefield for child safety. In the second half of this year, domestic and foreign companies have issued a succession of wearable equipment to monitor children, but industry insiders said that the current lack of battery capacity to limit the market hair

Following health management, wearable equipment is aimed at another "battlefield"-child safety. In the second half of this year, domestic and foreign companies have issued a succession of wearable equipment to monitor children, but the industry said that the current battery capacity is not enough to limit the development of this market bottlenecks.

At the end of October this year, Qihoo 360 launched the "Child Safety bracelet", which is sold at a price of 199 yuan, can monitor children's safety in real time, and has the function of safe area early warning, call connection and so on, will sell in December; foreign children's smart watch Filip was sold online on November 22, via GPS, WiFi and cellular networks , this watch not only can send the child's position information to the parents ' mobile phone, but also can use to dial the telephone, the domestic "listens to the Wind safe Guardian" Software also recently introduced the child-oriented mobile positioning bracelet, the parents may in the handset real-time view the wearer's geographical position.

"The safety of children is of particular concern to every family, and there are not many people currently using such services." In the world, this wearable equipment is also just beginning, the future has great potential for development. "Listen to the Wind Safety Guard chief technology officer Shen Guang said.

In fact, child-oriented security positioning products have been around a few years ago, but most of the monitors through text messages to get the location of information, there is no corresponding software products. And a new wave of wearable positioning products boom, "Hardware + Software + Cloud" features is very clear, manufacturers not only sell hardware, but also the use of software and cloud integrated services to bring users more experience, but also open up more potential for profit space.

However, this emerging market is also facing development bottlenecks. Shen Guang told reporters that insufficient battery endurance seriously affected the user experience.

"If the child uses the equipment to be at any time with GPS positioning, the hand ring must be in the boot state, can only support three or four hours, the need to constantly charge, seriously affect the use of experience." Shen Guang said that in order to improve the battery's endurance, some manufacturers try to use WiFi connection replacement equipment GPS positioning, can save 90% of electricity, but the network environment has higher requirements.

At present, the wearable equipment for children's safety is mainly two kinds of products, which are watches and hand rings. Industry insiders said that with the development of chips, materials, battery technology, the future cost of wearable equipment will be further reduced, comfort and endurance is constantly improving, product categories will continue to increase.

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