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The next battlefield! Open source OpenStack in the cloud how to understand

Today, it has a cloud-centric third change, in which cloud computing is primarily divided into infrastructure, services (IaaS), Platform Services (PaaS) and software as services (SaaS). In the face of the cloud services, whichever of the above three services is a "familiar stranger" to businesses and users, "familiarity" is because people who know cloud computing can name IaaS, PAAs, and SaaS, but the cloud technology derived from it makes many people "strange", Especially in the cloud computing the most attention to open source technology ...

OpenStack a bright future for cloud computing

August the beginning of eight, early autumn, dusk scene One: Cloud computing on the battlefield after the first round of the fight, some people have closed their eyes, it seems that the battle of the winning and losing has been doomed ... Let the IaaS Domain overlord Amazon did not think of, just benefit from their short victory and trance time, a vegetarian not masked opponents stand in their opposite, his name is called OpenStack. Amazon can not believe its own eyes, as if by a huge force to hold the neck, the sight becomes a little blurred, and so he finally slow down God carefully look at the time, he ...

The technical ape's high attitude is disgusting.

Technical apes are arrogant, arrogant, irresponsible. Why do you say that? It takes a certain amount of courage to discuss this issue and to assume a certain amount of risk of being despised, and some boring attacks. Because this is simply caused by a inaction of the war, like win and Linux war, each said the rational.   To discuss this topic, because I found that the work over the years, often by the technology has been unable to work, the technical ape is almost like in the market and gradually opposed to the general. In name, Win has played Linux for more than 20 years. On this battlefield, technical apes always feel they need to be high up ...

System is the battlefield of intelligent routing competition

Absrtact: The router used to be a behind-the-scenes hero working silently, because of its characteristics of the home network hub, slowly being put on the smart hat, by the big Internet big guy in the internet thinking of the transformation, pushed to the screen before, become the spotlight under the new darling, the router was a silent work behind the hero, Because of its characteristic of home network hub, slowly being put on the smart hat, by the big Internet in the internet thinking of the transformation, pushed to the screen before, become the new darling under the spotlight, with smart home vision and innovation, intelligent routing to affect every ...

What is the value of the program ape?

Q: Pool teacher, I am not an interactive person, but you have all the articles I read, thank you very much for your guidance, I started the life of the first MBP. Now the problem is, but you can't find the right person to answer, only you, if you have time. The problem is this: I have a 32bit Unix file (open a service process), and the error message on the MAC is: Exec format error, but it can be performed on a Linux server, why? Is there a scenario on the MAC that you can run? Period ...

EA was forced to sell a stake in the next part of the game

EA executives have sold all their shares in the company, and EA is at a high stage, a good time to sell.       Therefore, it should have little effect on the operation of the high level to sell the shares. According to the game Spot report, EA (art power) of the Senior, VP (Vice President) Patrick Soderlund and GC (general counsel) ...

A non-grassroots webmaster's 10-year life Road

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall Everybody Good, in Admin5 saw so many grassroots webmaster articles, quite let people moved, I also write to write my own bar, and we exchange, do not know what name, as if the grassroots is my only feature, because relative to everyone's not easy,   It seems that my road seems to be much easier, but I have been to find their own more or less trouble just, so called the 10 years of non-grassroots webmaster! The following are my real experience, so it should be a little interesting, this is my first time ...

From 10 million PV: Explore the development course of Monkey Island community

Intermediary transaction SEO diagnosis Taobao guest Cloud host technology Hall site name: Monkey Island Game Community:, this is a webmaster established 03 forum, the station began to use VBB Dvbbs Discz Discuz.nt Forum, the last choice of Phpwind, is that we have access to the use of Phpwind Forum program to do one of the largest web site, the entire station has four forums, of which the Game Forum Day Post volume of more than 120,000 ...

Technological changes in the field of cloud computing

The essence of technology lies in the accumulation of accumulation. The virtualization, RESTFull API, and distributed concepts of the past have undergone earth-shaking changes over the past decade.

A personal webmaster 5 years of Construction station experience

The intermediary transaction SEO diagnoses Taobao guest cloud host Technology Hall constructs the station to me this communication profession person is a very accidental thing, my job is to engage in the telecommunication equipment, is also the switchboard, the router, the ATM switch, the optical fiber transmission these, but is far away from the application layer. At the end of 2003, I moved to a new house, just met a neighbor of my age recommended a game: Counter Strike. I am not very interested in this game, I do not play CS until now. I found that a lot of people play CS, at that time the forum dedicated to exchange CS very few ...

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