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Two skills sharing in Linux systems

Here are two of the two tips that are often used in Linux systems: 1. Abort a running program if a command lasts a long time, so that it cannot do anything else, you can use CTRL + C to force it to abort. 2, CTRL out of the accident, sometimes you will press CTRL this key combination, the shell is frozen. Try using the CTRL key combination to see if you can return to normal.

Monkey HTTP Daemon 0.21.0 publish fast Web server Software

Monkey HTTP Daemon 0.21.0 This version adds experimental ">ipv6 support. Monkey HTTP Daemon is a very fast and lightweight Web server software for Linux systems. It uses a hybrid network model, based on asynchronous invocation (event-driven) and fixed threads, which makes it scalable and able to participate in thousands of per second ...

Instructions for using off characters in Linux systems

Some of the functions in the shell are implemented by special symbols as control characters, as described above. This creates a problem if a filename contains exactly those characters, such as; , it is difficult to operate on it. Use pager to browse this file pager xxx pager will soon return an error message because there is no file name for the action object. The shell then reports that there is no XXX command in the system. This is because the shell will be in the filename; Resolves to execute in order ...

Instructions for using task management in Linux systems

& Add a & symbol at the end of the command to indicate the background task, for example: wget Http:// &; Use; Linking multiple commands means that the task is executed sequentially && using && to link multiple commands, which means that only the previous command succeeds and the subsequent command executes the ' < command > ' If a command contains ...

Instructions for using wildcard characters in Linux systems

Use? Represents any single character. For example??? Lo, which indicates that Lo has three characters, it can match ">hello use * to represent random characters of any number. For example, *.iso, representing all documents in ISO format. TIP: You can use traversal complements with wildcards to improve efficiency. For example: CD/Then traverse completion only fill the entire folder ...

Instructions for the use of file compression and archive-related commands in Linux

Compress,uncompress This command to compress or decompress data. Gzip,gunzip This command is used to compress or extract files, where gzip is a compression and decompression command that is used frequently in Linux systems and is easy to use. The rpm RPM command is used to start the RPM package management operation. The Tar tar command is used to start the File Packager program. Unzip this command is used to decompress files with the. zip extension, that is, you can unzip Windows under Linux with WinZip compression ...

How do Linux systems properly partition?

A hard disk has up to four primary partitions, or three primary partitions + one extended partition (contains n logical partitions). Linux can be installed in primary or logical partitions. In general, only the points/and swap two areas is sufficient, in addition, it is recommended to filesystem separate partitions, after reloading will not have to reset a lot of things. Swap is the swap partition, if the memory <=256, please set to 512MB in the partition, memory >=512MB to a 512MB is enough (if you want to sleep, I am afraid, or >= memory comparison insurance). ...

Opengrade 3.1.14 release student performance tracking software

Opengrade is a software for teachers to track "> Student performance, supporting Linux systems. It can put student performance reports on a Web server and allow students to access them through password protection. Opengrade 3.1.14 This version supports changing the font size. Software Information: http://www.lightandmatter.c ...

PeaZip v3.6.2 release cross-platform based on freepascal decompression software

PeaZip is an excellent compression management tool that can be run on Linux systems and Windows systems. Supports right mouse button operation (same as Linux). PeaZip is a cross-platform, freepascal free, green, portable, uncompressed software. Can run on Linux systems and Windows systems. Supports the right mouse button operation. PeaZip supported formats: 7z, BZ, bz2, bzip2, tbz2, TBZ, GZ, gzip, tgz, TPZ, Ta ...

Opengrade 3.1.15 release student performance tracking software

Opengrade is a software for teachers to track "> Student performance, supporting Linux systems. It can put student performance reports on a Web server and allow students to access them through password protection. Opengrade 3.1.15 This version supports backward compatibility with Ubuntu 12.04. Software Information: Http://www.light ...

Linux is a child without love

Linux is a child of love, OS x and Windows systems are always there, but open source Linux is silently supporting something unusual in the corner. The executive director of the Linux Foundation told us, "You use Linux every day, but you don't know it's always in your life." "Mobile phones, securities institutions, high-speed rail, traffic control, banks, nuclear submarines, automobiles ..." This almost forgotten system is far more important than what you see. 1. Android phones and tablet systems are based on Linux ...

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