After the global stock market wind and rain see rainbow Performance injected positive factor Asia-Europe rally

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Securities Times reporter Wu Jiaming in the U.S. corporate earnings before the debut, investors on the U.S. stock market trend is generally cautious, but with the U.S. major companies, especially the financial industry, the good news continues to release, the U.S. stock market finally again.  Last week, the stock index of the three major stock indexes of the cumulative increase of more than 7%, global stocks also ushered in a long absence rally.  Performance injected positive factors the performance of the major enterprises greatly enhanced the confidence of investors. Goldman first announced its results in Monday, with 3.44 billion of dollars of net profit far exceeding market expectations, making financial stocks the main driver of the rally. Last Friday, Citigroup also brought good news to the market, as its US state and Morgan Stanley combined brokerage business brought the company 6.7 billion of dollars in profits, Citigroup turned a profit in the second quarter, and achieved profits of 4.28 billion U.S. dollars. Bank of America also achieved a profit of $3.22 billion in the second quarter, with the US four banks making profits in the two quarter.  The news of the bankruptcy protection of CIT Group, America's largest commercial lender, worries investors, but does not sway the U.S. stock market. The U.S. stock market has also climbed, the Dow Jones Index rose 5th, for the longest time since the year's continuous rise, the cumulative increase of 7.3% per week, reported 8743.94 points, heavy 8,700 points. The Nasdaq composite Index rose eight days for the longest consecutive rise in nearly four years, rising 7.4% per cent last week to 1886.61 points, creating its highest closing point since October 3 last year.  The standard and poor 500 index also rose 7% last week.  It is worth mentioning that the U.S. stock market rally and China's second-quarter economic growth was better than expected last week, the U.S. stock market, China's concept stocks also good performance, including the Nasdaq China Index rose more than 8%, the network and new energy plate stocks rose in front. Despite the strong performance of the U.S. stock market, but analysis points out that not all industries have good performance prospects, the next step is not clear. The loss of credit-card business and home loans, which has weighed on the performance of two banks and the US unemployment rate remains high, is seen as a major constraint on consumption growth and economic recovery, as evidenced by Citigroup and BofA's performance reports.  And some investors will be after the rise of selective reduction in the hands of the stock, to bring a certain profit back to the market pressure. European and Asian stocks rallied following U.S. stocks, and Europe's stock markets also harvested "five Lian Yang". Germany's DAX index exceeded the 5,000 mark last week in 51 and finally closed at 4978.4. The Paris CAC40 index has rebounded nearly 6% last week after a one-month "overcast".  UBS's European equity strategist has raised its target for European equities by the end of the year. Industry insiders point out that the rebound in European equities last week came mainly from the US. The Better-than-expected performance of companies such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and Intel has allowed investors to see the dawn of a global economic recovery. In addition, after a one-month consolidation fall, many castInvestors expect the rally to be as big as this from March to May, so they are afraid to miss out on the opportunity to buy. Asia-Pacific stock market, Japan's Nikkei 225 index in the end of the "nine consecutive Yin" after a row of four trading days, received 9395.32 points, the cumulative rise of 1.2% last week. Hong Kong's Hang Seng index closed at 18805.66 points, a cumulative gain of 6.2% last week, while Singapore's Straits Times index gained more than 7.2% per cent.  But the Jakarta hotel explosion hit Indonesia's stock market, and its index closed last week. The strength of the stock market also led to a rise in oil prices. The New York Mercantile Exchange's August light low sulfur crude oil futures settlement price rose to $63.56 a barrel, the highest price since July 6, and last week's cumulative gain of more than 6%.
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