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& ">nbsp; Spring Festival is the most important festival of Chinese, Eat is the "main melody" of the Spring Festival, many people are feasting during the Spring Festival, and after the Spring Festival, the belly of the fat and a lap. Losing weight for a time becomes the most important thing after a year. In order to better implement weight loss fitness This arduous task, small series for everyone to recommend a few weight loss category of Android software.     They will be your fitness assistant, download it quickly.     Skinny-Healthy weight loss advisor, skinny-healthy weight loss Advisor-your own personal weight-loss advisor, tailored to your weight loss program, and always monitor your weight loss process, refusing to seduce, refusing to be lazy, and losing weight to the bottom.    "Weight loss plan book wwdiary" "Weight loss Plan book wwdiary" is a professional record of body weight changes in the software, can effectively help you prevent the sudden increase in fat and unhealthy eating habits, but also can help you in reducing the time to increase the sense of achievement. "Shide together to do sports training with Hinako" want to lose weight of the otaku come to "Shide together do sports training with Hinako"! The 16-year-old D-Cup sexy heroine will accompany the user to exercise together.    For example, to do push-ups, the user simply put the Android phone down to the place where the lip can touch, so as long as the completion of a push-ups, you can kiss the young son.    "Happy weight Loss" "Happy to lose weight" let you self-reliance, farewell pill, do your own bodybuilding doctor, happy to lose weight. "Slimming Small secretary" "Slimming Small secretary" is a female weight loss prerequisite software, she contains more than 30,000 kinds of food calories and weight loss introduction. Users can inquire about all kinds of food or exercise calories at any time, and provide a daily diet record, exercise consumption record and weight record, etc, so that users know clearly whether their daily diet intake and the proportion of exercise consumption can make themselves lose weight. Weight loss Small secretary let you eat more eat less heart control, is absolutely necessary to lose weight when the intimate application.

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