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In the supplier threatened to jump, to collect debt, around all kinds of rumors more and more fierce, from the beginning of the capital chain tension, to where the guest investors Lei and where the CEO aged "ambiguous", may take a customer, and then to have staff turnover, investors do not rule out the possibility of replacing the CEO. Tencent Science and Technology October 17 reported that every guest, the once-beautiful Internet original brand company, the past two years but out of the East and the Sky Cats diametrically opposite trajectory, has been wandering on the edge of the cliff. In 2011, after a backlog of goods, the failure of the sprint IPO, every guest in the 5 anniversary of last year's "Power Off" storm, and in the 6 anniversary of the arrival of this year, is involved in a delay in the supplier loan. In the supplier threatened to jump, to collect debt, around every guest's various rumors more and more fierce, from the beginning of the capital chain tension, where the customer may be the fate of PPG, to where the guest investors Lei and where the CEO aged "ambiguous", may take the customer, and then to have the turnover of employees, investors have been on the aging "ultimatum", Do not rule out the possibility of changing the CEO, etc. Rumors of the fierce behind the two years in the electrical business industry wandering, and a few years ago, compared to the high-spirited, now where the guests have been criticized, 2012 just went through the Super Clear inventory movement and survived, 2013, the living of every guest is believed in the last year dumped inventory after the fame, has become a large number of Freemasonry clothing brand dumping platform. This May, where customers are more trying to introduce Third-party brands, consider to do "brand + only product will" mode, September, where guests are experiencing a wave of V, special sales and where the third party three major departments to integrate and adjust, ready to return to the brand route. In every guest in a succession of movements, where the location of the beginning is not clear, outside the doubt every customer is the product brand or channel brand. In every guest strategy swing between, investors of the model is also controversial. According to people familiar with the situation, from the beginning of this June, investors significantly increased the intensity of the intervention, in a series of board meetings, where the fate of customers, the way out was repeatedly seized, the final lei touched old, so old deeply feeling, decided not to swing, where the customer return to the product, back to Aged yesterday evening to accept Tencent Science and technology interview, said that since June, and lei contact with many times, before and after 60 hours, especially on the eve of the release of Millet 3, Lei very seriously about the millet product ideas, brand ideas, lei on the practice of millet, attitude to their own stimulation is very large, This is directly related to the drastic adjustment of the following series of guests. This series of adjustments, including the relocation of the headquarters from the urban area to the remote development zone, and the decision in one months, where the customer's V, special sales and the third party of the three major departments to integrate and adjust, involving hundreds of employees and thousands of suppliers. The relocation and adjustment of the "optimization" off 20% passengers, staff turnover and communication is not smooth also detonated fierce arrears of supplier loans. "V, special sale and every guest third party three departments a total of hundreds of people, involving thousands of partners, changes in the cause of misunderstanding is normal, arrears of suppliers, the main problem is communication problems." "Aged said, where the guest investors have pressure, not big enough to ask to replace the CEO, the two-day delay is paid as soon as possible, where the new round of financing is also in the process, will soon be accounted for. For the delay in the payment of suppliers, aged think is the media in "booing", he complained that every customer is currently operating very normal, but a lot of media on the report of the supplier will be aged 3 floor-actually, last week did not appear this situation. However, this does not mean that every customer will not change, after the adjustment of the "millet transformation" thinking, no longer do a variety of products, the most preferred idea is to make products that can detonate the market. In the product will mainly do two things, the first is to ensure that there is no inventory, and profitability, in addition, where customers will significantly reduce SKU, back to Simple collocation, will be the ultimate quality. Lei stimulate every guest drastic adjustment every guest these years the topic word is "adjustment". It is said that this time the new direction of the guests from a wine bureau. Media said that in mid-June, aged and lei drinking. Bureau to Han, Lei suddenly asked, "age, we are not brothers." is a brother, to say that understand, where the customer product is not good, where the attitude of the customer treatment products. "It was a big, humiliating and resentful old stimulus, and it was the first time he and Lei had talked to such a sensitive subject. The report also pointed out that the old first reaction is very wronged, feel 6 years of clothing, how can I say no? Lei do well, not because of good luck, to catch up with smartphone shipments and mobile internet explosion? Although aged liquor than Lei, eventually old or drunk. On the authenticity of this rumor, but old confirmed that over the past few months and Lei communication, but also friends of the LEI at the same time or investors, to every guest has been very concerned. "I see a very vivid version of the description, as well as an internal meeting record, which has real ingredients and some vivid parts that don't comment." However, the old confessed that at first there was disagreement with Lei, can not accept the view of Lei, because the idea is not the same, Lei is the reverse thinking, Lei talk to the KPI, go to the gross profit margin, to organize the structure, this is the past management mode of subversion, with all the guests completely different, which makes the initial negotiations are very confused. However, the mode of the guests at that time faced with the situation can not be continued. "I began to think Lei is a mouth nonsense, and then realized that his words have reason, such as go to gross profit margin, the product reached a scale, the profit naturally come out, not up on the provisions of gross margin." "Eventually old accepted all the advice of Lei: go to management, aged not called president, is called the founder, the company does not arrange so many vice president, Assistant President; Go to KPI, let each department concentrate on doing a good product; go greedy, products do not need to do long, and adhere to the Lei 7 word Word-of-mouth tactic:" Focus, Ultimate, Word-of-mouth, fast. " Aging began to focus on products again. In recent months, aged in the company, and constantly with the project team constantly intensive products. Just last night, 10 minutes before the media interview, aged is still in contact with a product team, the media interview is 9:30, aged still have no rest, andAttended another meeting, which, according to the plan, lasted at least until the wee hours of the morning. "Mainly to return to the product, we pay more attention to itself." In turn, consider the product from a user's perspective. "He and the executive team will buy all the products on the market every day to try and return to the user's attitude towards the product," he said. This is not the same as every passenger before the idea is not too, where customers in the past to look at the product of the idea of a special like traditional enterprises, said this year to do large-scale, according to historical experience this scale needs how many sku, how many categories, we divide to do SKU support scale. "When you put sales in front of the growth rate, it means you can only push the product." We are not talking about clothes, we are talking about how big the house is. Because of the size of the house, there are so many products to do. This idea is wrong. It's naïve to say today, but for a while we did it. "After years of internal reflection, every customer lost too long ago, from the 2007 after staring at the shirt, there is no serious and specific focus on products, their products are not all used," it is shameful. Internet "Seven words tactic" before a not do, too accustomed to their lax to find excuses, "self defense, perfunctory users" is the biggest and most fundamental trap. Now in the process of learning to the millet model, there were 19 categories where the customer finally established a T-shirt, shirts, trousers, canvas shoes, ultra light down jacket, polo shirts and other limited seven or eight categories. Every guest will also integrate the original decentralized system, where the customer clearly put forward, the designer team to develop a unified brand planning, craftsmen, Fabric Division uniform Garment Accessories specifications and process standards; set up a version of the room, recruit set up team, no longer rely on behalf of the factory, the product design, materials, technology control to ensure quality. In this process is also accompanied by the "bloodshed" process. Every guest in the intense personnel optimization, involving 20% of the staff. As with internal controls, the past 12 lines mean 12 internal control managers, and as the integration is completed, 1 internal control managers may be required. In fact, in order to show that every guest seeks immediate change in the determination of the relocation of passengers from the South two ring to the outskirts of Beijing, the rental cost from 6 yuan per square metre to 1 yuan, and the relocation date from next May early to this September. Inventory swallowed everything in November 2011, where guests came to the final stage of the IPO journey. Almost at the same time, the dangerous symptoms behind the steep growth curve have been exposed to the outside world by rumors: first the company began to lay off workers, and then the inventory backlog was severely high as billions's staggering numbers were kicked off, huge losses, senior executives leaving ... All of a sudden, every guest seems to be out of control. That year, the excessive expansion so that every customer at the end of 2011 inventory reached 1.445 billion yuan, the total loss of nearly 600 million yuan, and the beginning of the 10 billion yuan sales target of only 3.8 billion yuan. The next two years, where the status of the guest lake. Many people in the electrical business industry believe that every customer is a good company, if the guests do not make such a serious mistake in 2011, every guest has now IPO,The limelight will be more prosperous than the only goods. But history has no if. After the scale of the rapid amplification of the van after the decentralization of the blood to eat the lesson. "2011 Blow knocked us out. "Old yesterday exclaimed, in the enterprise annual sales of 5 billion, aging more and more aware of the importance of management, also began to learn traditional enterprises." The scary thing is that the traditional brand has made a terrible mistake in the past two years. "Everyone is most distressed is why one to 5 billion scale, have encountered inventory explosion problem." Do 10 billion sales if there are 20% of the inventory, it means that each brand to the threshold of 2,000,000,001 years to be voided. "Aging said, inventory squeeze led to the gross margin was swallowed, where the customer 2007 to 2010 when the development of a good, gross margin is very high, because there is no inventory." 2012 clear inventory to every guest cast a deep shadow. At this time last year, every customer's inventory is 5 times times today, it is the most uncomfortable time, in order to clean up such a large inventory, where customers at a very low price clearance a lot of products. Now every customer an important measure is to return redundant warehousing logistics. Aged once baffled the many problems of the guests. In the LEI, aged realized that Apple and Millet gave a direction to all customers. "Why do you think the iphone can't be bought every time?" Is there not enough capacity? Definitely not. Apple is also afraid of inventory. "At this point in time Millet gave me the most important inspiration." "After sharing the adjusted customers will accept the" millet transformation "thinking, no longer do too much product, the first idea is to make products that can detonate the market. In the product will mainly do two things, the first is to ensure that there is no inventory, and profitability, in addition, where customers will significantly reduce SKU, back to Simple collocation, will be the ultimate quality. 3, a new face to pay: New version will be added offline payment, to solve the subway network is not difficult to pay the problem. 4, Take card payment: You can directly use the phone to shoot the bank card, Alipay client can quickly identify the bank card number, reduce manual input trouble. 5, my Express: has supported 35 Express, 90 Express orders can be queried. 6, the Public service platform: will cover telecommunications, medical, banking and other fields. At present, China Telecom, McDonald's, registered network and other enterprises will be settled in. This will also compete fully with the micro-letter. In addition, Ali small micro President Genming introduced, Alipay next year or will launch TV payment, NFC, face payment, fingerprint payment and other services.
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