Amoy Network will upgrade the Sea Amoy business through a Amoy network account and overseas business website

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From a Amoy net learned that 2013 years a Amoy network will upgrade the Sea Amoy business, in addition to exploring more overseas sites, will be a Amoy network account and overseas business website to get through, and to help users choose and contact the transfer company, to achieve one-stop overseas shopping.

"The future of a Amoy nets want to achieve a thorough account, the consumer login after a Amoy network account no longer login and a Amoy network cooperation of overseas electric Dealer website, you can directly carry out the sea Amoy." "A Amoy network public relations director Hao told billion Power network."

In addition, he revealed that a Amoy network will also provide HAI consumers with the information of various transit companies, to help consumers choose and contact the transit company, to facilitate the solution of consumers in the process of the sea Amoy logistics problems, reduce the cost of the sea Amoy consumers.

It is reported that a Amoy net will be in 5 June this year to achieve the new features of the product, to provide consumers with translators, transshipment companies and other services, and will continue to improve the products of the various functions.

"The Future of Amoy network cooperation overseas electric business enterprises will no longer be limited to Alipay partners, the scope of cooperation will be extended to the use of visa and other international credit card to pay the electric business enterprises." "Hao to billion Bang Power network revealed.

It is understood that 2011 years a Amoy network opened the Sea Amoy channel. September 2011, with Stylenanda as the representative of nearly 7 South Korean fashion women's website access to a Amoy network. November, a Amoy network continued to expand, Amazon, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, such as the official website of world-renowned retailers also appear in the search results.

"In the selection of large quantities of goods, parity is really important." Hao said that the core function of a Amoy network "parity", the future will be the global parity function expansion, and will be a simple comparison to "shopping compare" function expansion, to provide consumers with more useful information to help consumers make decisions. "Hai on postage prices, transport time, service quality and other important information, the future will be included in the shopping comparison dimension." ”

However, Hao admits that standards are easier to achieve on a global scale, but non-standard products, especially those with different names at home and abroad, are still struggling to achieve global parity.

"In the continuous upgrading and transformation of the user experience in the process, the next Amoy network will pay more attention to the value of members, to provide better services for members." Hope that consumers through a Amoy network to achieve a one-stop happy shopping, "Hao said.

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