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The annual double 12 shopping carnival has come, double 11 slow did not grab the right merchandise of small partners, more than a month, another opportunity in front of you, how can you let it miss it in vain? It's home for everyone to compile a number of mobile phones and other digital products promotional information to help you see through the numerous preferential information, buy the most satisfactory digital products. Let's see if there are any dishes that belong to you. First, Microsoft Official Mall: Double 12 coincides with two anniversary of the celebration, 10 days 10 promotional activities all over the major product lines. Double 12 for Microsoft's Official mall, there is another layer of meaning, coincides with the two anniversary of the Microsoft China Official mall, the sincerity is full. Just yesterday, Microsoft launched a series of discounts on its surface Pro 3 Tablet PC, Xbox one console and Lumia 535 handsets, as well as promotional events such as gifts. In addition to the above mentioned products, Microsoft China Mall also has the Blue Magic tablet computer, Nokia Lumia 930, Nokia Lumia 830, Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic mouse and so on a number of preferential products to choose from. Double 12 snapping channel: Nokia Beijing East official website Store | OPPO: Second kill, price and gift package. As early as 9th this month, Oppo has been the first to open a double 12 preheating activities. Every day 12:12, there will be a Oppofind 5 to provide a second kill. and find 7 standard version, as well as light version, are reduced by 199 yuan, and gifts including the original window leather sets, X3 bluetooth speakers, bluetooth headset, oppo umbrella and the original foil and many other gifts. The Oppo N3 and R5 prices, which have just come on the market, are strong enough to maintain a high price of 3999 and 2999 yuan, giving only the relevant gifts mentioned above. OPPO N1 Mini and OPPO R3 respectively reduce the price of 100 yuan, and send a gift package. Double 12 snapping channel: Click here to visit the Oppo Double 12 activity page. Third, Vivo: Price range to the force, and then send gifts. Vivo's several flagship products have given different degrees of promotions. One of the 2K screen, Gaotong 8974AB processor, as well as 3GB memory Vivo xplay 3S to reduce the price reached 500 yuan, from the previous 3498 down to 2988, while the main ultra-thin fi vivo X3, the same price straight 500, double 12 price 1998 Yuan , the main photo series Xshot price range also reached 500 yuan, is the flagship version of the price of 2988 yuan, the elite version of the price of 2488 yuan. Other models are no longer one by one to repeat. In addition to direct and substantial price reductions, Vivo will also send a series of dual 12 exclusive gift packs including Bluetooth headset, mobile power supply and original leather cover. Double 12 snapping channel: Vivo official flagship store four, Nubian mobile phone: Free booking Limited open Nubia Z7 purchase, accessories full second kill. Nubian mobile phone will also be opened on the double 12 day Nubia Z7 free of appointment limitsOpen to purchase, and Nubia X6 will be on the double 12 the same day the price reduction of 500 yuan. In addition, the Nubian smartphone also launched a number of Z7 Max set version, Z7 mini set version. It contains a fingerprint film, the original headset, as well as clamshell protection kits, and so on, with the purchase can save part of the expenses. Of course, in addition to the mobile phone itself, Bluetooth search, Red Magic Headset, Bluetooth companion and Z7 Max will participate in the second kill, some parts 50 percent from the sale. Double 12 snapping up channels: Nubian Beijing-East official flagship store five, Huawei Glory: The first anniversary of the brand, Glory 6 and other models straight 300 yuan, 16th has three new products released. Huawei is about to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of its brand on December 16 this year. In addition to the upcoming 16th on the day of the launch of Huawei Glory 6Plus, new version of the Glory Free play 4X and other models, the original Huawei Glory 6 will also be in the double 12 on the same day again reduce the price of 300 yuan, came to 1699 prices. The new version of the 6,208-bit Huawei Kirin 64-digit processor has been played 4X and has been opened for bookings. In addition, Huawei will launch the 4K high-definition TV box Glory box. In addition to the first anniversary of the event, Huawei Glory will also be opened 10:08 every day, some models of limited-price snapping activities, Glory X1, Huawei Mate7, Huawei P7 and other models and some mobile phone accessories will be open to purchase. Double 12 snapping channel: Click here to visit Huawei Dual 12 event page. Six, hammer: White version of the Hammer December 12 start, another feeling? The hammer, which has gone through a slump, has been hard to make a difference in price. Now, the double 12 will launch the white version of the hammer mobile phone with a unique feeling to attract a number of users attention, White hammer will be a double 12 final black horse? Currently in the east, the white version of the hammer phone Smartisan T1 4G mobile phone (white 32G), is 2480 of the price reservation. Double 12 snapping channel: Click here to visit the white version of the Hammer phone booking page. Seven, cool faction: Bursts four bombs, for red rice means obvious. Not long ago, the cool faction propaganda days of the double 12 nuclear bombs finally announced. These four nuclear bombs are respectively refers to the reduction of the great God F1 Plus mobile 4G version, the great God F1 Plus Unicom dual 4G version, the great god F2 Mobile 4G version, the great God F1 Eight nuclear mobile version, covering 599 to 899 of the entire price range, can be more selective. Whether from the configuration or price, the four models for the red meter is very strong. However, it remains to be seen how powerful these four bombs can be.
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