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There is no doubt that the Android 5 system will be very exciting, it will be Google after Honeycomb and ice Cream sandwich again to bring us a series of major changes in the Android version. We now believe that Android 5 will be named after key Lime pie (lime pie). When Google officially launched the Android 4.4 Kat update on October 31, 2013, although the upgrade was modest, we all know that Android 5 is getting closer. As Google's I/O conference approaches, news about the latest Android version is growing. At this session, we may have the next big upgrade to the system, although it may not be known as Android 5 or directly from Android 4.5, but there are many bright spots for the new version. Release date Android 5.0 was expected to be posted last year on Google I/O, but we didn't see anything related to Android upgrades at that session. It was not until the same year in October that Google brought in a new version of Android, but the upgrade was not the 5.0 we expected, but 4.4 kat. This year, we expect to see Android 5.0 in the year, and the GOOGLEI/O, scheduled to be held in San Francisco in June, is an ideal time. But it has also been reported recently that the next upgrade in Google's plan will be Android 4.5 rather than 5.0. It makes sense from the version number (4.0,4.1,4.2,4.3, and the last 4.4), but we can't make a final judgment until we see more news. Hardware products According to Convention, the new Android version is typically accompanied by new hardware products, considering that Nexus 5 was just launched late last year, Google may bring us the next generation of Nexus 10, after all, the current Nexus 10 is released at the end of 2012. At the same time for the next generation of Nexus 10 generations of the most popular candidates, now replaced by HTC. Features Google Now will add a new feature named OK Google everywhere for Android voice services, according to Android firstly recently. The latter will integrate Google Now into most applications, allowing users to use the Android voice service more quickly. For example, after taking a picture, the user can just call out Google Now and order it to share the photos. In addition, with Apple's iOS 8 and iwatch also Jianzaixianshang, plus Samsung and LG and other manufacturers of the stepping Press, Android 5.0 may also add more fitness work, considering Google's recent release of Android Wear, the latter's collaboration with wearable devices such as smart watches and Google glasses should be a key feature of the next release. While there is speculation that Android 5.0 will be merged with the Chrome OS system, this is unlikely, as Microsoft will not merge Windows with Windows Phone systems. Interface from the recent exposure of the system screenshot, Android in the next version will usher in the interface adjustment, the flat style is more thick. It is reported that the new design inside Google is called the moonshine. In addition, a screenshot of a supposedly Android 5.0 system dial interface was exposed. From the image, the change in the Dial-up interface is not large, but from the previous light gray into a light blue.
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