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From the current situation, Google slowed the development of Android operating platform without warning. At the end of 2011, Galaxy Nexus first to run Android 4.0. Then, at the end of this June I/O developers Conference, Google released the Android 4.1 operating platform with code name Jelly Bean and released the 7-inch flat Nexus 7 with Android 4.1. But in the long run, Google's innovations in the Android operating system have allowed users to speculate on the next version of Android 5.0 named key Lime pie (lime pie). If you follow the previous update tempo, Android 5.0 is likely to be released by the end of this year and will be listed as a new Nexus brand device with Android 5.0. So what features does Google engineers need to add to Android 5.0? 1. Automatic control Currently, the Android user basically needs to do a few things before bedtime, including closing the bell, data connections, opening flight mode, and so on, so Android 5.0 can introduce a feature that can be used to unify the management of basic services. For example, in game mode to maximize performance modulation, the continuous opening one night can reduce the power consumption to the minimum, reading mode to eliminate cumbersome data connections, and the use of ultra-low backlight, or will be more user-friendly. There are already companies that have built-in automatic control programs in their devices, such as Motorola's smart actions, but if Google can build on the next Android version, it will allow more users to enjoy the convenience of intelligent control. 2. Multi-device support optimizes Google's ability to support the work of multiple device users, but there are still a lot of not covered to the blind spots, such as the use of googleplay buffer to play movies do not support the automatic synchronization of the time axis of the cloud services, users need to change equipment in the process of the need to look at the beginning, or manually drag the timeline. This requires Google in Android 5.0 to enhance the popularity of cloud services, the use of the cloud platform to automatically sync the time axis, the realization of intelligent playback memory, to help users easily continue to the previous playback record to watch. 3. Increase social networking support current mainstream mobile operating platforms such as iOS and Windows Phone are all aggressively integrating social networking platforms, but Android is lagging behind, with most of the widgets on social platforms coming from hardware vendors customizing and the user experience being too differentiated. Now that Sony has built Facebook apps on its Android smartphone, LG has also customized Facebook and Twitter widgets, and while Google itself is pushing Google +, the relative lag in support of rival social services requiresGoogle is adding to the integration of social networks in the next version. 4. Line drawing keyboard options for line drawing keyboard Intelligent text entry integration, Google's footsteps still can't keep up with the pace of Android manufacturers. Both HTC and Sony have added sliding-style line-drawing keyboards to their Android devices, and if Android 5.0 can join the feature, the level of user experience in text entry will surely rise one step. 5. Video chat Application Although Google has built a front-facing camera on the latest Nexus 7 tablet, other manufacturers have built-in cameras on tablets and smartphones, but unfortunately the Android platform does not even have a single camera application yet so far. In most cases, users will choose Skype apps, or find other solutions available, but why can't Google provide users with a stable, unified video chat platform? 6. Contact more than the choice of Android contact features relatively practical, but in the face of a large range of mass text messages or mail is powerless, users need to select a contact in advance, into edit mode and then add other contacts, this experience is a headache, So there are also a number of users suggest that Google can be in the mail and SMS delivery function to add contact scrolling menu and multiple marquee, easy to send mail and text messages. 7. Cross-Equipment SMS synchronization If you often use a SIM card on multiple devices, there may be a problem with missing or unsynchronized SMS, which is the result of Google's tendency to store data on a mobile phone rather than on a SIM card, so that when a user changes a phone, the message cannot move with the SIM card, if the Android 5.0 can be added to the SIM card, SD card and cloud storage of SMS storage support, will be able to better support users to switch between the use of different devices. 8. Turning off the update feature to turn off updates may be misleading to developers, but for users who are accustomed to the status quo, if Android 5.0 is able to join the feature, it can at least give users more discretionary power to decide whether they need to update to the latest version. 9. The new demo and discount code mechanism is currently in the Windows Phone and iOS platform are added to the demo and discount code mechanism, users can use the demo to experience the need to pay for the application before paying for the formal purchase, and the discount code allows the user to buy the app without spending or spending less , the maximum cost savings, however, these features in the current Android operating platform is in a state of absence. It is therefore necessary for Google to provide developers with more commercial models, in a single free + advertising, charging and application of the model based on the payment, add to the demo and discount code mechanism support. 10. More detailed requirements because the current version of the Android operating platform has added a large number of very long feature list, if Anroid 5.0 can add screen alphabetical order or personal preferenceswill give users more autonomy, and if you can add a percentage of the battery to the notification bar, you can make the Android platform more humane.
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