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South All illustrations: Chen Ting five years ago, September 25, Beijing time, Google officially released the rumored "GPhone" ——— t-mobileg1 (ie, htcdream), the first to run the Android operating system smartphone. There was already an Apple iphone on the market. Jobs was furious at the birth of Android, thinking it was a stark plagiarism of the iphone. Five years later, Chowa owners have long Xianyou, Android devices have more than 1 billion activation number. Looking back at the history of Android, the product philosophy of the major brands in the early years was quite consistent ——— close to the iphone and come closer. And now, with the end of September OPPON1, Samsung GalaxyNote3, LGG2, cool 4, such as a variety of new machines take turns to battle for example, you will find that these brands, although the same push Android system models, but they rely on the magic weapon is very different, the product is no longer "thousand machine side." In turn, from the mobile-phone brand's point of view, Android, a free gadget provided by Google for more than five years, has become a subtler identity. CM founder unveiled the revelation of Oppo September 2, the enchantment in the Water Cube released MX3, opened a head. One months after the new machine, in addition to the iphone, all the Android camp products. Oppoceo Chen Mingyong said the September was "dazzling", and he hoped to draw a perfect end to his own OPPON1 in the evening of 23rd. N1 press conference scene, the appearance of the spokesperson Chen let the fans excited unceasingly. And for the industry, especially Android phone enthusiasts, the world's largest Android Third-party compilation Team CyanogenMod (commonly known as cm) founder of Stevekondik was Chen Mingyong invited to the scene, is really exciting them. "N1 was supported by the CM system to become CyanogenMod's only officially supported Chinese manufacturer and will be in deep cooperation with CM," Chen Mingyong said in a press conference. "All along, Oppo's killer in the smart machine is" to the United States, "the hardware and the model, N1 is no exception-the biggest selling point is 13 million pixel can rotate the lens and the back of the fuselage trackpad. Chen Mingyong Frankly, the past Oppo software is often the user "spit slot", so this time to create a new software system "Coloros." Let Oppo mobile phone in the software can also have "to the United States" performance. It is said that N1 will launch two versions of the Coloros and CM systems, or both. In fact, whether Coloros, CM, or Millet MIUI, the Flymeos of the Phantom, are derived from the Android system products. Only in the context of open source, Google's control of these derivatives is less and less, so that 5 years after the birth of Android, has become its unexpected "new appearance." Native Androidwhere? CM's production team is named Cyanogen. Also in September, Cyanogen announced that it had received $7 million in investment from Benchmarkcapital and Redpointventures. To make this the first "interest group" model, simply by Word-of-mouth spread of the third party Androidrom team suddenly turned into a firm. According to its official statement, the purpose of the financing is to make CM more than the BlackBerry system and Microsoft's WP system, after the official Android and Apple iOS after the world's third largest mobile phone operating system. According to Cmceokirtmcmaster, there are now more than 8 million users in CM, which only agree to upload data to cyanogen users. According to its estimate, the actual user volume will reach 2-3 times. A review of CM's history was born of a user's vocal opposition to the native Android system. Stevekondik says many of the phones on the market are not at all trying to make people feel good. After all, they just want to make money. We want to help you improve your efficiency and fully explore the potential. CM is a prominent typical of the folk production team. In fact, mobile phone brands, whether private groups or oppo and millet, have aggressively "moved knives" on Android to make the system more approachable to users, doing things that native Android didn't or didn't think of. But also because of this, when Google announces Android Terminal activation amount to break through 1 billion, the real still retains the original Android appearance terminal, very few. Google's bottom line, including the cool, Lenovo, and many of the domestic smartphone brand executives have been to the South reporters said that the early choice of Android as a product system, the main reason is open source. Open source means that the software end does not need authorization fees, and in the past the cool pie in the use of wince system to produce mobile phones, the need to pay the Microsoft to the Taiwan licensing fees. However, Android has grown to today, and the various "free actions" of the downstream have made the system quite fragmented-with all versions of Android in the market, and at first many brands will expect Android to launch a new version and sell it as a "gimmick" to the user. And now they're becoming less aware of the new version, because that might mean that the optimizations they're doing on Android will come back. "The system is open source, but our optimized investment can be real gold and silver." "A third-party ROM developer, the founder of the South reporters said. It is worth noting that, in the face of all kinds of free play based on Android, Google is not all of the total receipts, it still has the bottom line. September 13, 2012, Acer and Alibaba planned joint release will be temporarily canceled, when Alibaba said to the South reporters, the reason for the cancellation is Acer's new mobile phone using Ali AlibabaCloud operating system, so Google put pressure on Acer, Google officials later admitted that this statement, said Aliyun changed Android infrastructure, there are risks. 5 years later, 1 billion, perhaps Android is not what Google originally planned, but it is still sticking to some bottom line. It's just that the bottom line is getting thinner as Android developers deepen the system and the "bedfellows" of the various partners. South All reporter Fangnan reporter observation Network disk competition smoke: Offline download or into the competition weight network disk war not scattered. In recent times, the domestic major internet companies began in the field of the network launched a crazy competition, 360, Baidu, Tencent has joined the network disk war, the industry surging. Baidu Network Plate announced that users can pay 1 yuan to renew 2T network disk space, Tencent micro-cloud and launched 10t! 360 Cloud Plate High-profile announced to provide users with unlimited permanent free space. With the end of the space war, recently, Baidu Network disk and out of new tricks, the introduction of off-line offline permanent free, a pair of dead to the end of the rack-type. So, Baidu offline download experience? Can you get the user's approval and then become the key point in the industry competition? In fact, TB-level storage is sufficient for ordinary users. Resources, especially video resources across the user, cross-end of the transmission experience is the focus of users, and offline download by virtue of its time-saving, high-speed, stable characteristics can be said to be storage products "standard." Offline downloading of the server will replace the computer users first download, save to the cloud or server, wait until offline, computer users from the Download tool server. Because offline server bandwidth is much larger than ADSL network, offline server can provide more than ADSL download speed. It can break through the Internet Access Service operators to Peer-to-peer download blockade, upgrade speed, save a lot of hanging machine waiting time, the most important thing is to free up the computer broadband to do other things. It can be said that offline downloads are unpopular resources, dead link killer, to download unpopular resources and dead links have "miraculous effect." Comparison of several mainstream network offline download function found that Baidu and 360 temporary no like and magnetic links, Baidu than 360 more than a BT download. Micro-Cloud is even this feature is not, other Up-and-comer network disk can not do. At present, in the offline download the Thunder to do relatively comprehensive, the experience is also better, it supports the FTP, HTTP, BT, electric mule like links and magnetic links and many other linked files, solve some dead chain. As we all know, BT speed is not stable, when the Shang can not be fully downloaded. From the end of last year, many of the BT server is off, not only a lot of seed files can not be found, which makes BT download becomes a big problem. The accuracy of the magnetic link recognition is very high and becomes the new mainstream. January 2012, the world's largest BT download site Pirate Bay abandoned seeds to push the magnetic link, which also confirms the popularity of the magnetic link in the new trend. For users, offline download of magnetic links more efficient, stable, time-saving. Now a lot of seed sites have magneticLinks, when we see the parochial at the beginning of the link or "Use of magnetic chain download", the software automatically detect to pop-up corresponding download window, you can safely download. In addition to the resource format support, the resolution of the dead chain is also an important aspect to measure whether the off-line downloading function is perfect or not. Many users abhor countless, endless chain of death problems. But at present, the network disk is not enough to force, resulting in frequent failure of download resources. The internet is an open and cooperative world. Imagine, if Baidu Cloud and other cloud disk manufacturers and thunder cooperation, the Thunder will cloud accelerated download service to the network disk, in the offline download and other resources transfer key technology to achieve a substantial breakthrough in the shortest time, network disk + Thunder Cloud Accelerator can provide users with a better experience. Of course, the Thunderbolt may also layout their own network disk, from the current thunderbolt has been to VIP6, VIP7 level members of the release of the free space of the time of the eternal, the Thunder seems to have been taking this step chess, the future whether there is a new action remains to be seen. Reporter Cherius
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