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Now the main way for people to get information has shifted from newspapers, magazines and televisions to the Internet, and also to the transfer of mobile Internet. So almost all the traditional media have started the mobile internet March quickly or slowly. Today's "Daily Android software game Recommendation" recommends five Android clients, developed by the party and government-sponsored top media. The People's Daily client, the official mobile client of the people's Daily and the public, is the new window and Xintiandi of the 66-Year-old newspaper on the mobile internet. Application of screenshots to hear, comment, listen, ask the four sections. The application not only has the wonderful content of daily people's Day, but also the first time to present major news at home and abroad, at the same time, through the people's Daily and People's Day, hot focus of the review of the article, fast, full perspective; At the same time, the civil life of the government departments of the recommendations, needs, problems, can be directly through the application These questions will be collected by the daily and communicated to the relevant departments and their leaders. Application screenshot "People's Daily", the English name "arranges ' sdaily", is the mouthpiece of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. To carry out the policy of disseminating and introducing the CPC and the Chinese government daily to the whole country and the world policy, and the important task of the People's Daily, which has become a banner of the People's Daily, is considered to convey directly the voice of the Central Committee of the State Council, and the attention of domestic and foreign readers and the high importance of the international government and foreign institutions. "People's Daily" June 15, 1948 in Hebei province, Pingshan County, the founder of the West Cypress, from the former Jin Cha ji liberated area "Jin Cha ji daily" and the former Jin Ji Lu yu "People's Daily" merged; At present, the People's Daily has 31 branches in China, 39 foreign branches abroad, and resident journalists in dozens of major cities around the world.
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