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The "It Times" reporter/Qinsi (from Taipei), Microsoft has struggled to lay the operating system of the throne, and now in the netbook market to face the rivalry of old friends.  Although over the years, two of companies have never stopped competing with Acer's new Aspireone, Google's foray into the netbook OS market became a reality. June 2, 2009, Taipei Computer Show. Netbook's big winner Acer has unveiled a new product named Aspireone, the biggest difference from previous new products, the world's first netbook using Google's Android operating system. Once the news is spread around the world, it immediately becomes the focus of the computer exhibition and even the whole netbook field this year.  However, when everyone is new to Android, the most stressful news is Microsoft, which has long dominated the absolute dominance of the OS market.  Microsoft recently announced that October 22 this year, the new operating system Windows7 will be launched, a key selling point of the new operating system is also facing the netbook. At this point, the industry has more than a year of speculation netbook.  Google with Android, the official invasion of Microsoft's control of the PC operating system camp, the industry seems to hear a pair of old friends fighting again the assembly number has sounded. Google's initiative Google's Android operating system was originally built for smartphones, and as technology advances, more and more manufacturers have expressed interest in introducing netbooks based on the system.  Acer's announcement of the world's first Android model is expected to debut in the third quarter of this year.  Although Microsoft has a long layout on PCs and smartphones, Microsoft seems hesitant in the field of netbooks. Microsoft has long taken the lead in the operating system, and the latest retail tracking data from Research institute NPD show that 90% of netbooks sold last November to this January were configured with Windows XP operating systems. Revenue from Windows accounts for 30% of Microsoft's revenues, the cornerstone of Microsoft's empire and the most lucrative business of all time. But in the netbook market last year, as the latest Vista operating system is too complex, Microsoft has not done much to improve its operating system for netbooks, and most netbooks are running old, cheap Windows XP.  This failure of the market strategy, in addition to the Microsoft in the second quarter of 2009 Windows revenue decline, but also gave Google the opportunity to swoop in. According to our correspondent, June 1, Google and Taiwan partners to develop the Android platform for mobile devices exchanged views. Taiwan's manufacturers include Quanta, Compal, China Telecom, HTC, Acer, Asus, BenQ, and so on, including Asus and Acer, which are both manufacturers of Android handsets and netbooks, while others are mobile or PC manufacturers. It is reported that HP, Dell is also studying the introduction andRoid platform Netbook. Android attracts a growing number of computer makers with its open source code, no charge, and a third party degree of freedom. Major computer manufacturers compete to develop the Android netbook, which is a direct affirmation of the operating system.  The industry is also concerned that Microsoft Windows does meet rivals in the netbook sector. One of the advantages of Android is its strong networking capabilities, which the Wall Street Journal rated as "alarming speed of wireless connections". In addition, Android can also allow netbooks to quickly boot and shutdown.  From these two aspects, Google is the characteristics of the mobile phone into the netbook. Not only that, compared to the windows,android licensing fee is very low, which reduces the cost of netbooks and prices play a big role. Acer said the company's upcoming Android netbook was cheaper than the Windows version, while the hardware configuration for two products was the same.  The reporter learned that Microsoft for each netbook charge Windows XP license fee of about 25 U.S. dollars, and the price of netbooks is usually around 300 U.S. dollars, eliminating the fee for licensing fees, Android netbook prices will be slashed. Microsoft is still wary of hardware support. One version of Microsoft's upcoming Windows7 will support netbooks, but Microsoft has stated that the system supports only Intel processors and does not support arm, and that the processor King arm of the smartphone is a strong rookie in netbooks.  It seems that Microsoft is still not completely open to netbooks.  Confronting Microsoft is not an easy choice for Android, and does not mean the software has replaced windows in the netbook world. "There is no doubt that consumers prefer windows. Currentanalysis analyst Avigreengart, a market research firm, is not too bullish on Google's netbook system. The Android system, he points out, faces an important problem when it competes with Windows-the development of Android, which does not have any applications comparable to common software such as Microsoft Office. He argues that it is a big problem for users to be able to adapt to the traditional Windows interface without any hindrance when they actually use Android.  Meanwhile, software that runs on the Android platform is a big challenge for Google. "More than just apps," Greengart even points to a detail, "If you want to print something on a computer based on Android, does the printer have an Android driver?"  "In fact, even Acer, who announced the launch of the first Android netbook, has made two hands for Google," he said. Just two months ago, Acer thought the Google system was not up to the netbook. April, Acer it product setWong, global president of the group, told the media at a meeting that through netbooks, users need to be able to browse the full Web page to gain a complete user experience, and Android is not up to it. Even after Acer announced the launch of its Android netbook in June at the Taipei Computer show, Wong said, "The introduction of Android netbooks does not mean that Windows will be abandoned, and we will provide these two products at the same time."  "The cautious approach to Hu Hongyu, analysts say, is mainly due to the lack of software," the need to understand what the Android platform can stabilize the software to ensure that the user's normal application, the major computer manufacturers can safely fully produce the system's netbook. "  For most analysts, Android still has a long way to go before it becomes a rival to Windows on the same level.  A higher strategy Although Google has not been able to make much of a difference to Microsoft in its specific business, Microsoft has to contend that Google has once again become an enemy in its own turf, and that the number of enemies that follow will probably increase. According to our correspondent, Oracle is currently developing a Java operating system and other software for netbooks. Oracle CEO Ellison mentioned the plan at a conference.  This is also the first blueprint for the development of Java after Ellison acquired Sun. "It is not difficult to find that the IT giants scramble to enter the netbook operating system market, not only to increase the scope of business, but also for the control of the operating system platform and the whole industry chain of discourse rights," a long-term observation of the operating system in the field of the industry, said reporters,  The trend of network integration is gradually embodied in the terminal integration, the longer the tentacles, who on the industry in the upper hand. For Google, the Android platform is almost free, but it has not yet become a direct profit tool for Google. As a result, Google is keen to promote its advertising business by promoting Android handsets or other mobile terminals so that more users can browse Google's Web pages.  "Google's Android phone OS is actually an extension of the company's online advertising business," says Rubin, Google's mobile platform director. Enterprises to seize the platform to more business integration, the operation of the netbook operating system is actually a development strategy. "While it's not easy to take on the operating system that Microsoft has been hogging for years, it's better to compete in the IT world than to be complacent," he said. "The industry insiders said of it Time magazine.
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