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Some changes are taking place in the main battlefield of Sun's high-end smartphone. Google's Android phone sold more than the iphone in the US market for the first time in August, according to a new survey released by Nielsen.  Android phones account for 27% of the quarter's smartphone sales, a percentage higher than the iphone's 23% share. However, Android phones sold more in the US than the iphone because 4 operators in the U.S. market sell more than 20 Android handsets, compared with only one att operator selling iphones.  But that's the strategy of the Android camp, where more companies are scrambling to keep up with the "Ant-biting elephant" strategy, which is a global scramble for iphone-controlled sites.  Take refuge if you now have a manufacturer that does not have the ability to develop an operating system to choose a full touch or high-end smartphone operating system, there is little choice to confront the iphone, only Google's Android. As a result, companies have been investing in Android to gain resources to fight the iphone. Recently there is a mobile phone manufacturers to join Apple iphone smartphone battlefield.  Sharp, the first to launch a full touch smartphone today, joined Lenovo in a competition with Apple's iphone, with two screens of 3.2 inches and 3.5 inches, equivalent to the size of the iphone screen. In the operating system, Sharp chose to work with the original Google China President Lee Kai-Fu Kaifu Innovative workshop strategic cooperation, loaded by innovative factory development of the "dim sum" Internet smartphone operating system. This also means that sharp also indirectly joined the Google operating system of the camp.  Lee said that the operating system is based on Google's Android system developed. Sharp China's minister, Naoto Noshing, said China's mobile phone demand will reach 200 million, of which 3G mobile phone 21%, open smartphone operating system annual growth rate of 150%, so Sharp chose to enter this market segment. Sharp will also develop more smartphone models to expand the product line.  Put 3G and smartphone market as sharp focus on developing new handsets. Samsung has also unveiled its smartphone sphone, a new Google comb for its Android handsets.  The same is the big screen touch and the 1GHz high-speed processor, Samsung in the global smartphone market is also starting with the Sphone. Before Sharp, the main supporters of the Android campaign included Lenovo, which had made it clear that the iphone should be used as a beacon, and that it would feature a similar fully-touch smartphone with a Google based operating system.  Motorola has also placed all its smartphone product lines on Google's operating system, and HTC is pushing for similar smartphones. And some analysts are also starting to suggest that Nokia use Google's Android system, do not hold its own Symbian system, so as to quickly reverse the NokiaIn the competitive situation of high-end smartphones. The competition between Apple and Google on smartphones is now a key node.  Android became the world's fastest-growing smartphone operating system in 2010, and the market share of Google's Android smartphone used in domestic handsets has surpassed Apple's iphone in the past one months. Smartphones are the trend, and these companies, once unaware of the direction of development, have found Google's Android platform and are constantly tapping into new potential, and the loss of Motorola has been revived after the full adoption of the Android operating system. Compared with Motorola, the enthusiasm of domestic manufacturers to adopt Android is also very high, Lenovo and Huawei has announced the introduction of Android launched low-end 3G smartphones.  Huawei's newly launched Ideos handsets are the world's first handsets to use the Android 2.2 operating system, while selling at a 100~200 dollar range. Kai-Fu Lee believes that the use of Google's Android operating system mobile phone prices are expected to fall to 1500 yuan this year, and next year will be further down to 750 yuan. Smart-phone prices in China are still too expensive (usually in 600~1000 dollars), but smartphone makers will launch more low-end handsets as telecoms operators pay more attention to mobile Internet and the growing number of apps in the field.  And the iphone can't do so much to cut costs. With the "Gathering of firewood", market research firm ISUPPLI reported that the number of handsets using Google's Android operating system would overtake Apple's iphone in 2012 years, and that the number of smartphones worldwide using Android would reach 75 million over the next two years,  The number of iphones will be 62 million. Extending in the system, Android is giving countless vendors the features they need to develop two of times. Take the Chinese market as an example, China Mobile, Lenovo and Huawei and many other companies to produce Android operating system handsets.  China Mobile and other manufacturers, based on Android, respectively, to transform OPhone, le Phone and other independent brands, China Mobile also has many smart custom phones built on Android.  At present, the Android operating system in China's market share of 7%, 2010 the operating system mobile phone shipments can reach 475,000, and a year ago, Android phones in the Chinese market near zero. Sharp China's minister, Naoto Kan, said that sharp need not only Android, but also a localized transformation of the system. The Innovation Workshop also provides a content download platform for Sharp smartphones, adding a large number of local applications, such as games, apps, and so on, mimicking the Apple Iphone+app store model. Sharp also has built-in such as Sogou input method, happy net and Sina Weibo (  In fact, Google is officially competing with Apple in a similar pattern.  Luki, senior vice president of Samsung China Mobile Communications, said the current Samsung App Store has reached 3,500 Chinese programs, which has become the smartphone with the most Chinese apps in Google's Android operating system.  Lee said that Sharp's smartphone can be used for snacks and partners to develop thousands of applications, can also go to Google's software store to download a hundred thousand of applications. Andy Rubin, one of Android's founders, said the handset makers also had to integrate several important apps themselves, such as browsers, text messages, picture display software, etc. Android provides a complete stack of software from the operating system to the application, while allowing people to customize differentiation to form their own competitive advantage, which is self-evident to handset manufacturers. But openness itself means that no one will rule, and no one can become a monopolist in the Android world.  But this will save nearly 30% of the cost. From the iphone and Android camps, the Android phone's capabilities are not much different or even more than the iphone's, thanks to the constant addition of sharp manufacturers and the support of more than 10 of them, according to Analysys International analysts.  The price advantage also lets these manufacturers ' shipments will surpass the iphone in the future, but has not been able to surpass the Apple rival to appear compared to the individual manufacturer, at present the Adroid camp is the group against one. In the smartphone market total number of users, the iphone is still higher than the Android phone. In addition, users are far more loyal to the iphone than the Android phone. 71% of users in Nielsen's survey said they would buy the iphone again.  But unlike companies that rely on Google's system to build handsets, Apple has all the links to produce its own devices, operating systems and online app stores, and to build a self-sustaining biosphere and mobile apps around the platforms. As a result, Apple App Store iphone users download about twice times the total number of users downloaded from Google's Android Market and BlackBerry apps. Android users are often younger and less affluent than iphone users. Apple users are also more willing to pay for apps: Apple users will pay for one app every two free apps they download.
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