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Tablets have bigger screens and better endurance than mobile phones, so users are more likely to use tablets to read articles and electronic magazines. IDC, an international data company, recently released a report that predicted a 10.7% increase in global Tablet PC shipments in 2013, from 172.4 million to 190 million. In terms of shipments, they expect the small tablet to continue to grow in 2013 and beyond, and the Android operating system is expected to surpass Apple's iOS as the dominant tablet operating system for the first time this year. China's well-known mobile Internet information applications Zaker today officially landed on the Android flat platform. Designed and developed specifically for Android Tablet PCs and Android Smart TV, support Android more than 2.2 systems, 1024*600 above resolution, perfect for 7-inch/10-inch high-definition tablet. Zaker CEO Leeson and said that the Android platform will be zaker in the mobile Internet layout can not be ignored in the device platform and hardware channels, this version of the release is now the focus of an Android tablet focused on the time point, it is very important to the development of the Android tablet good posture. The core value of the Android pad is still the user experience, which is designed not only on the ipad version, but also on the Android pad system, and a new upgrade to the typesetting system. The software uses special text typesetting algorithms and template rules to achieve the effect of graphic blending in the view, which supports the switch between two different views: smooth scrolling and the use of OpenGL to flip the page animation. Zaker uses the effect of smooth scrolling when switching between views such as cover pages, catalogs, and body text. The user can choose to use the flip-turn animation effect of 3D when paging within the directory. In addition, zaker any interface, can respond to the gravity change and the screen switch. In the flow control, still use its mature background flow compression technology, to achieve savings of three-fourths of traffic. However, it is reported that the spirit of the principle of creating the best reading experience for users, Zaker next will also be the most intense optimization, continuous innovation, for Android tablet users to provide better reading enjoyment. Download Address:
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