Anhui Mobile subscribers break 30,000,012 annual income increase 10 times times

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June 11 News, China Mobile Anhui Company (hereinafter referred to as Anhui Mobile) announced that the user reached 30 million, which means that in the average of less than two Anhui people, there is a Chinese mobile customers.  At the same time, since its inception, Anhui Mobile annual operating income from less than 1.5 billion yuan to 15 billion yuan, increased 10 times times. Anhui mobile users increased 30 times times in 12, Anhui Mobile announced the news on the afternoon of June 10. Ninghai, deputy director of Anhui Provincial People's Congress, Liweihua, vice chairman of Anhui CPPCC, Deputy minister of Anhui Provincial party committee, Landor, party secretary of Anhui Provincial Economic and Information Commission He Ling, director of Anhui Communications Administration Jiang, Xinhua news agency, Anhui branch president Wang Zhengzhong, China Mobile Anhui Company chairman, general manager Jie,  At all levels and guests a total of more than 300 people attended the conference.  Anhui Mobile Chairman, general manager Jie said 30 million means that one-second of the resident population in Anhui Province chose China Mobile network, business and services. According to the introduction, Anhui Province, the first mobile phone users were produced in 1992, by September 2004, Anhui Mobile customer breakthrough 5 million, and then, Anhui Mobile user growth began to accelerate greatly, November 2006, Anhui Mobile customer breakthrough 10 million; April 2009,  Anhui Mobile Customer scale breakthrough 20 million, June 2011, Anhui Mobile Customer scale exceeded 30 million.  Over the past 12 years, the number of mobile customers in Anhui from less than 1 million to 30 million, increased by 30 times times, operating income from less than 1.5 billion yuan to increase to 15 billion yuan, increased by 10 times times; tax revenue over 10 billion yuan. It's about to start. Eight feedback activities in the customer scale breakthrough 30 million, Anhui Mobile said that starting from June, will be in Anhui Province to launch the "Eight feedback activities."  This includes the implementation of "Rural information benefiting project", continue to increase investment in rural construction funds, and constantly improve the rural communication information network, efforts to narrow the urban and rural digital divide.  The second is to promote the "family customer affection Plan", will introduce mobile home network, family broadband preferential activities.  Third, the launch of the "Group Information Promotion Project", the organization group customer Information Application of excellence, speed up the application of Mobile information promotion, to help customers improve the level of information technology.  Four is the organization "The Dynamic Zone Campus action", facing the campus customer, holds the series song Friends and so on the dynamic zone customer exclusive brand cultural activity.  Five is to carry out "million mobile phone value delivery", the introduction of 0 yuan to buy machines, special offers and other promotional activities, so as to benefit the vast number of consumers. The rest of the activities also include the launch of the "Global Premier exclusive season", "mobile charity Action" and other activities. (Cang)
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