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According to the report, the 2013 X86 Server market Competition pattern changed markedly, has been the leading advantage of the international corporate share has shrunk sharply. Three international manufacturers, IBM, HP and Dell accounted for the market share of sales from 65% to 52%, only Dell sales growth has been achieved in China's market sales and sales of the first. IBM slipped the biggest, falling out of the top three. In addition to the direct impact of the Snowden incident, the large shrinkage of international manufacturers due to their own business model is difficult to cope with the increasingly fierce industry competition. Local manufacturers of the general growth in sales, wave sales rose 85% per cent year-on-year, replacing IBM, entered the market before three, become the first annual sales into the market before three of the local enterprises, its four-way server growth, the sales second only to HP, the main driving force for its performance growth.

The rapid development of the multi-channel high-end led the whole market. Report data show that 4 road and above segment share of the overall server market 26%, annual sales and sales growth rate reached 18% and 20%, of which 4 of the server's annual sales and sales growth of up to 39.1% and 58%. With the help of cloud computing technology, the data and system of industry customers are centralized and integrated, and more and more large systems and key systems are being used, in this trend, industry users will prefer to purchase multiple high-end servers. Multi-channel X86 server for IBM, HP, Oracle and other traditional low-end RISC products, but also a strong market demand for the important reason. The market share of this field is crucial to the manufacturer, because the average selling price of above 4-way server reaches the X86 market average level 6 times times, is an important source of industry profit. With the server market product structure of the high-end transfer and the exit of IBM, the field will be a new round of shuffle, 2014 HP, wave strength of the enterprise worthy of attention.

Grading Market

2012 Sales

(Billion yuan)

2013 Sales

(Billion yuan)

Year-on-year Growth rate

2013 Sales

Market share

1 Road





2 Road





4 Road





More than 4 road










Table 1 2013 China x86 server product CPU Number sales structure

From the industry market, Telecom is the largest sales, fastest-growing industry market, its sales growth of 36.7% Year-on-year, the biggest contribution of growth is undoubtedly from the Internet. The traditional internet giant bat (Baidu, Tencent, Alibaba) is still the main market procurement, Qihoo and other rapid growth of the carrier procurement scale is also growing rapidly. The procurement of the Internet more and more customization, storage servers, high-density servers and other industry-specific products have become the mainstream of the shipping category. Customization is a comprehensive test of the enterprise's technical ability and operation ability, and local enterprises have certain advantages in localization service, fast delivery and so on. On the Internet competition, DELL, the tide ranked top two.

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