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Another pit dad? For the vast majority of the young, there is a game almost accompanied the entire childhood-the monopoly series. At least from the author (born in 86) contact computer games began, this series of each generation will be the first time to install, and then all day long play, their own with the computer, their friends and family. Still remember the atom bomb that he developed to send the opponent to the hospital, own hotel to hijack the opponent for several days, and use the land to occupy others ' land, or to buy and sell stocks and so on. The fun of the game now is that few games can be replaced. ipad version tycoon 4 Fun HD is free game? Prior to this, the Monopoly game also landed in the app Store, but the iphone version was launched. As Apple ipad users, the author naturally hopes that the game can be early landing ipad client. May 28, the ipad for the tycoon 4 Fun HD finally released. Click on the rich to enter the game free version, as in the past, the PC platform to let the author obsessed with the game, incredibly landed on the ipad is free, this unavoidably let the author ecstatic, for such a game, even if the price of 12 yuan, 18 yuan, is also acceptable. and free, nature is beyond expectations. ipad version tycoon 4 Fun HD game set but unfortunately, tycoon HD's goodwill just stay in before entering the game. ipad version tycoon 4 Fun HD
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