"Blood"--the hero saves the beauty of the Parkour game

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Game forward: "Blood Ben" can definitely use the hero to save the United States to describe, picked up the injured lady, desperately running forward, get rid of the pursuit of monsters! From time to time with the monster to start a desperate struggle! Hey, who makes you a man! Game play point: Experience a hero to save the beauty of the pleasure (well, is a lot of it), Boss war chaos into the cool game. Evaluation text: "Blood" is a unity3d engine to create a 3D run cool game, players need to act as heroes to save the United States hero, hug the injured beauty, escape from this extremely dangerous place (everybody knows, run cool this kind of game, swollen will run out pinch ~ ~ ~) different from Unreal three engines, Unity3d engine in the color of the performance of the more bright, so that our hero's body suffused with a layer of copper-colored light, suddenly a look like Shaolin copper feeling. The game in the scene of the details of the processing is still pretty good drop, the whole scene is in the rain, in and out of the description of the raindrops is quite realistic, and even hit the protagonist will be Splash Splash details, the distance, misty effect in line with the logic at the same time, will be dark, horror and other scenes foil very in place. The game in operation with the previous 3D parkour game similar, shaking device control around the protagonist, left button control Take-off, the right button control shooting (is your arms in the beauty of the shooting!) )。 Because a lot of time, players need to control the main character running on the roof, so the shaking device is common, at this point, the ipad will be very tired to hold the game ... The biggest feature of the game is the introduction of the boss system, the player in the roof after a long run, will appear a more gentle road, at this time, do not think you can unbridled run down, because of all kinds of terror uncanny boss will follow you behind, trying to kill you. Boss mode, the game's perspective will be reversed, the player needs to use the hands of the beauty of the weapon to kill the boss (fish Princess of the power of the attack here is very good ah ~). Games in the store there are a lot of items for the player to buy, small knitting here recommend that you first upgrade the wings, so that will run farther oh ~ and, the game of gold coins are good to earn, patience, upgrade wings and what do not need to buy. Of course, players can also unlock other female roles, female officers, Mermaid Princess, the clock (this is a bit too much, the hero to save the United States, hold a clock count god horse Ah ~ ~) Small words: The game in the beginning to play may be a bit of trouble, running on the roof is not as cool as on the road to run so easy ~ But wait for players When the wings, you will gradually fall in love with this game, and, the adventure of the Boss mode to join the whole game more can play. Although in the processing of portrait mapping, this is a bit perfunctory (Mermaid Princess What no beauty, completely like a big catfish ~), but other aspects of the performance is really commendable, like the players do not miss!
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