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Look cool every day, the day fresh It information all hold live, mobile internet play cool playing fashion in broad bean! Welcome to subscribe to broad bean network. [Product Information] ipad Mini battery endurance is far ahead of other products foreign media TUAW reported that the UK's consumer watchdog website recently tested several mainstream tablet computers to identify their battery endurance. Depending on the size of the screen, the test is divided into two groups, 9.4 inches or more of a class, 7.9 or less. The Test tablet screen brightness is set to 200 lumens, and then on the WiFi network for web browsing. It turns out that the ipad and ipad Mini batteries are the most durable, much more advanced than the second. [Product Information] The fourth-generation ipad and ipad mini today, the ipad Mini and the fourth generation ipad officially landed in China Applestore. Online purchase page has been opened (WiFi version only), two per person limit. The old version of the steak continued to be recycled, the highest return charge of 2300 yuan. According to Applestore, the fourth-generation ipad shipped in just 1-3 days. 16GB 3688RMB. But the ipad mini shipments need to wait at least two weeks. 16GB 2498RMB. [Product Information] virtual cultivation game "The Four seasons of the Mushroom culture" winter of Europe, China shelves [Product information] virtual cultivation game "The Four Seasons of mushroom cultivation" The winter of Europe in China yesterday (yesterday) is a thriller from the Bulkypix puzzle game, the story is full of all kinds of plot highlights , a mix of video games, movies and comics, and a tribute to movies, TV dramas, games, music and novels. A mental patient killed a beggar alive in New York. What exactly are Y-scars on the hands of unrelated people? The news media don't care, so Henry White, a young NGO volunteer, will launch an investigation into the incident. A magnificent, movie-like adventure game opened its curtain. [Android Hot recommendation] who is the travel tool The contrast of the image of the map software do you remember that gorgeous flight shooting game "Hyperlight"? Recently, Catfishblues also launched the continuation of the game-"Hyperwave", still retains the picture gorgeous fantasy style, in the game we can also feel like "Space Invaders" as the classic shooting mode, is full of arcade sense. Today, small make up to take you from the following several aspects to experience this magnificent geometric air combat game. [iOS evaluation] more exciting and more intensive! The first "Palace explosion Granny" graphics and text introduction This August small series has introduced a dense phobia patients forbidden to play the game "Palace Explosion Granny", (pointHit ENTER: The intense phobia patient enters "the Palace to explode granny" to try to be careful now this game renews once again to kill into the App store charge list first, therefore small arranges for everybody to introduce this update content and the strategy. [iOS Hot recommended] taxi fuel fee down app help you take a taxi. Approved by the Beijing municipal government, from 5th onwards, Beijing to reduce the standard taxi fuel surcharge, ride more than 3 kilometers of passenger fuel surcharge standard from 3 yuan/shipping down to 2 yuan/transport times, ride distance within 3 kilometers of no fuel surcharge. It is reported that this is the third time in Beijing this year to reduce passenger fuel surcharge standards. This is a good news for us ordinary people. Although Beijing taxi fuel costs down, but in the Royal Park Taxi is really not an easy thing. Small knitting on several occasions can not get the car, especially in the cold winter more painful. Today small make up to friends recommend 5 taxi software, let you travel convenient, not in the cold wind and so on ~[player book] iphone exit DFU mode detailed tutorial everyone in the iphone jailbreak, most of the situation will first enter the DFU mode, and then through the jailbreak tool operation. Then how to exit the DFU mode after entering the DFU mode? Sometimes if only the DFU mode for testing, can not boot reboot can exit DFU mode? The following is a detailed tutorial for exiting the DFU mode. [Player treasure] how to identify the second-hand iphone is flooded? Whether the real electronics city or BBS on the goods trading area, the second-hand iphone sales are very large, sellers in the sale of the iphone will often emphasize the three machines (no demolition, no repair, no water), then on the iphone is water how should we identify? The following I will tell you about the iphone is the identification method of water intake. When the iphone comes out of the factory, the white Water test paper is preset inside, and the water on the test paper turns red, and whether the iphone is flooded is based on the color of the paper. [iphone free] December 7 iphone limited free app recommended casual stunt games "bike off-road" casual shooting games "stubborn ducks" simulation of the Game "life" Navigation application "flight Information Board" photography tool "finger stroke" [ipad free] December 7 ipad free app recommended casual shooting game "The Rise of Atlantis" leisure game Game "The Rising of the", "Sniper Elite" [Mobile internet one weekly] mobile one weekly: Mobile will push their own brand mobile phone December 4 afternoon, Kleiner partner (Mary Meeker), an American venture capital company known as the Internet Queen, published the 2012 Internet Trends report in her speech at Stanford University, summarizing the trends of the Internet over the past year, Also elaborated her to the future Internet trend observation and the understanding. In the 2012 Internet Trends Report,Mary Mik points out that there are now 1.1 billion smartphone users worldwide, but only 17% of the global handset market. This means that the mobile Internet is still in its early days, and the function machine still has a big market. So even Nokia, which has weakened in the smartphone market in recent years, is still unable to rise on smartphones, and it can rely on its own functionality to survive in the mobile phone market.
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