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Industry Business-to-business Website Simple Understanding is an industry's business docking platform, to help enterprises look for quality suppliers, to help manufacturers sell their products, is mainly to solve the industry chain information asymmetry problem.

The core of the business of business-to-business websites is how to get these member companies to sell their products to make money so that member companies will be willing to buy a website member. The entire operation of the site is around this core, the above is a simple department configuration, different enterprises according to the size of the department can be further refined.

First of all to make clear that the site's users only two, one is a supplier, a buyer, as a different industry chain sometimes suppliers will become buyers, the site charges are mainly suppliers, the number of buyers and quality is to attract suppliers to the core point of the site.


As a business-to-business website platform, the most ideal must be the Supplier initiative to send products, buyers take the initiative to find suppliers, but at the beginning of the operation this is not possible, so must be an editor to assist suppliers to release products, When the initial payment provider less time editor also need to actively help the supplier set up a free account release products, while the editor will also undertake a part of the site to promote the work, because the content of the site directly affect the site in the search engine performance, so editors need to have a certain degree of SEO knowledge, In the release of content to have the concept of keywords, while trying to find some of the Internet exclusive content, and regularly have some original content, but also need to be based on different festivals or industry in the peak season to plan some of the online docking of the special channel;

The key KPI indicators for the editorial department include:

Reprint industry News, set up supplier account release products, original industry news, planning online topics

Marketing Department

The Marketing department is responsible for the website traffic promotion and brand promotion, the current Business-to-business website uses more is the search engine marketing (including SEO, SEM), the mail marketing, the news public relations marketing, the Conference marketing, the offline exhibition, the traditional newspaper outdoor advertisement, the profession periodical magazine advertisement, Different platforms according to the capital strength in order to select the focus of the promotion way, marketing department's core goal should be to help sales expand business, promote traffic and brand purpose is to promote sales,

The main KPI indicators of the marketing department include:

Website traffic, brand awareness (according to Baidu Index, Baidu News search volume), the number of meetings held (mainly sales promotion, customer-oriented), promote sales

Sales Department

Sales Department's assessment is the simplest is the sales, order volume, in order to complete the sales can quantify a number of detailed indicators, such as telephone customer volume, visit the number of customers, preferably have a customer management system, and other Business-to-business website Telemarketing majority, you can consider the establishment of telephone sales team

KPIs: Sales

Operations Department

Different business-to-business sites are called different, the department's main responsibility is to help pay members to achieve business docking, is a cost department, but can directly increase the rate and the user Word-of-mouth transmission, will also help the sales department of the old customers two times sales, while providing marketing materials, the main job is to find a large number of buyers.

The main KPI indicators of the marketing department include:

Looking for various industries to purchase, promote the turnover

The above is only a personal view for the production test, different characteristics of the same industry or according to the characteristics of the industry to operate, it is easier to make clear the core of the site operation, while the platform will always face a "chicken or egg first" problem, so the sales department and the market and Operation departments should be more mutual understanding of coordinated combat, Instead of complaining to each other that there is not too much support, only when the user reaches a certain size will enter a virtuous cycle, this cycle of individuals think that it will take at least a year.

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