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With the development of the new generation of information technology such as IoT, cloud computing and mobile Internet, the concept of smart city construction is becoming more and more prominent, and intelligent medical, e-government, intelligent transportation and other intellectual field technology research and commercial application become the hot spot in the industry. Operators, solution providers, terminal manufacturers, application developers and so on have laid the wisdom of the city industry chain, the intention to seize the market opportunities under the new era.

As a communication technology and resource advantages of the three operators, but also to speed up the pace of construction of Intelligent city, following the China Mobile "wireless City", the Chinese Telecom "Optical Network City", the Unicom (600050, shares bar) has officially launched the "Smart city", the three strong hegemony situation again staged. Tri Tao, Vice general manager of China Unicom Group's client division, interprets the development layout and construction results of Unicom's intelligent city construction for C114 readers.

Strategic support: Build, converge and open

In September this year, China Unicom launched the smart city strategy: Based on the three networks of urban optical Network, WCDMA wireless network and WLAN, and based on nine data bases, the paper constructs the development model of "building, gathering and opening" to promote the development of intelligent city with the support of the national unified Intelligent City platform of cloud computing.

According to Tri Tao, "co-construction" is guided by government planning, together with all levels of government to build a smart city; "Convergence" refers to the operation of operators to serve the advantages of a unified data system to gather all kinds of intelligent applications, "open" refers to the whole industry chain, open platform and communication capabilities to achieve intelligent application of the rapid hatching, Promote the development of intelligent industry.

Tri Tao said, in the cloud computing platform as a carrier, to promote the development of intelligent city, China Unicom clear three positioning: first, the information cloud bearer platform, based on China Unicom Wisdom City Cloud Platform, strengthen with the government and the city-related management functional departments of deep cooperation, to seize the city information market opportunities; second, An aggregator of intelligent applications and basic information data, through cloud platform aggregation city informatization data and application, carrying the city public Information resources and the urban management basic data resources, integrating Unicom's own wisdom application and partner to provide the application; third, the service of basic communication facilities, with Intelligent City application as the guide, drive and upgrade cloud computing , things networking and other areas of service capabilities, to promote broadband, mobile, IDC and other basic business breakthrough development.

Platform Construction: Information gathering and application hatching

Adhering to the Intelligent city development strategy, China Unicom relies on the cloud computing, the Internet of things, the core technology of mobile network, combined with the advantages of basic communication resources, through 56 cloud computing nodes carrying national business, to build a unified China Unicom Wisdom City cloud platform.

At the beginning of the construction of Intelligent city, the big problem is how to gather and share the basic information of the city, at present, the information system of Intelligent city mostly exists the phenomenon of islands and information chimney, in this respect, Tri Tao said, China Unicom has developed a unified data standard in the early stage of Intelligent city platform, including standardized data system, data standard, Data management, data security, data structure, and data interface.

According to Tri Tao introduced, through this unified standard can gather the city public information, the city movement information, the intelligence application information, then through the low-level data correlation interaction, realizes the city basic data information between the industry and the application sharing.

In addition, China Unicom is committed to building a smart city cloud incubation platform, through the construction of a one-stop incubator environment, innovative business models and service models to promote the new generation of urban information technology application and popularization. "We provide soft and hard two aspects of supporting facilities, soft matching including the perfect partner, incubation service process, operating incentive mechanism, hard matching including a one-stop incubator environment, we will provide development testing tools, test resources, testing knowledge base, etc." Tri Tao said.

"Through the cloud-hosted incubation platform, we want to gather partners and customers to jointly develop the applications of smarter cities and provide them with platform incubation and application sharing," Tri Tao said, "to improve the convergence and attractiveness of the platform, we will integrate, share and open the resources involved, Partners and customers can share the infrastructure of cloud computing resources, basic telecommunications capabilities, and GIS and positioning capabilities, especially in GIS and location-based services, and we have reached a strategic partnership with the China Bureau of Surveying and Mapping. At the same time, we also provide CA security certification services capabilities, secure security assessment capabilities, and online universal capacity to pay. ”

Practical exploration: The achievements of the bloom highlight

Relying on the strategy and platform construction, China Unicom's Intelligent City construction development in full swing, as of August 2012, China Unicom and 23 provinces and 118 cities signed a smart city projects, including a class of urban signing rate of 100%, together to promote intelligent urban planning, construction, operation, service and innovation and development.

Tri Tao said that China Unicom has already paved the way for the construction of Intelligent city, since 2008, China Unicom has built 980,000 long kilometers of urban optical fiber cable, to create a nationwide coverage of towns and cities, major traffic routes, tourist attractions of the WCDMA wireless network, deployment and construction of 9 major cloud computing, data center base,

According to Tri Tao, China Unicom in the building of intelligent city above, all aspects have made breakthroughs, such as Safe city, intelligent public transport, video surveillance, urban management tax enforcement, land, justice, and so on, by it is responsible for two large intelligent City Cloud computing application project.

"One is unicom as the largest generation of builders, the housing and urban-rural construction department to build the house information system." Unicom undertook more than 50% of the construction tasks, and provide a complete system construction and improve the follow-up operation of maintenance services, the system will cover more than 440 urban nodes in the country, the other is unicom and the State administration of taxation to reach a strategic cooperative relationship, Already based on the VDC data center of Qingdao has officially launched the mobile tax network Invoice application service, at present in many cities, the network invoice has already begun the official provision commercial service. The

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