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Talking about Community e-commerce first

Community E-commerce, can also be said to be socialized business (Social Commerce), relying on the Community (social) user's power to guide business behavior, relying on consumer word-of-mouth impact on the potential consumer purchase decisions.

Its manifestation is: Consumer Experience report, product comment, business comment.

Its attributes are: relatively open objective platform, relying on consumers to contribute word-of-mouth content, the topic has a strong commercial attributes, the platform still embodies the media attributes.

Its business model is: Brand Marketing (advertising and interactive activities), Traffic precision Shopping guide flow and CPS.

The model of socialized commerce (Community e-commerce) is only emerging since 06, at present, can see more mature Web site is not much, there is such a prototype in the country such as: Douban, the public comments, only the Iraq net, easy to buy the network, of course, there are some dependent on the business relationship of the site, such models are currently very immature in China, There is no very fixed pattern. The world has not very mature model, compared with some foreign better, can refer to the object such as: Kaboodle, Yelp, Thisnext, Stylefeeder, and so on, there are tens of millions of dollars mergers and acquisitions, but also take VC, e-commerce in foreign countries relatively mature, shopping guide mode of income than the domestic many.

Social business platform is for E-commerce enterprises to do wedding clothing, depending on the development of the industrial chain, the domestic environment has not yet been in place, so this kind of platform to produce huge value at this stage is very difficult, remember that the project of investment said this aspect, rely on these loss-making business model, also too unreliable. Even so the domestic situation is to do a good community is not much, the community is more than shopping to catch up with less, and not all communities have shopping guide value, the topic is not business, it is doomed even this cup Geng can not be divided.

Community in the final analysis is a media, the media to make money or advertising, regardless of the advertising model is called CPM, CPC, or what interactive marketing, shopping guide In fact it is the essence of advertising.

Talking about e-commerce community:

E-commerce community = e-commerce + community, E-commerce is the center of gravity, E-commerce and community is the same weight, but in the final analysis is how to sell more things, the value of the community is reflected in how to promote the transaction. All E-commerce companies are looking forward to a good community, whether it is to user reviews, or to engage in a forum, the purpose of only one: sales.

There are too many benefits of e-commerce in communities:

Has the flow, the conversion buys the opportunity to increase;

Have credibility, someone to help you yell, Word-of-mouth has, strangers also dare to believe;

Loyalty, after all, the community's stickiness is strong, repeat purchase also increased;

Benefits there are a lot of improvement services, interaction with users, promotional group buying activities such as atmosphere, and so on.

The problem is that it is very difficult to develop the community, whether you want to protect the old users, or expand the new market, everyone sees the benefits, but also in this direction, the difficulties are there, but this is a good thing.

There are not many e-commerce communities that can be seen doing very well at the moment, such as: fence nets, red children, decorate nets, each family's hair history is different, there are many accidental factors, may be the first to do a forum, do information, the final result is to the direction of the company. We will find that there is a huge potential for the community based Business-to-consumer. But how many people are willing to invest heavily in community? More people just stay on the "plan".

New phenomenon: Community transformation e-commerce

The community is definitely not the ultimate model, it must be the business of the bill, the conclusion: the entertainment of the community to the game, not entertainment to rely on E-commerce, advertising is now becoming increasingly unreliable business model, of course, I say you want to big. I believe that in the future there will be more community type platform to E-commerce, brand manufacturers and distributors of the channel partners, in this direction most likely, the first piece may be the mother and child areas, has been so dependent, cradle or baby tree, I think it is only a matter of time. Other areas are also many, it is said that some of the top fashion websites in China to melt a lot of dollars, the establishment of E-COMMERCE departments, what to sell and how to sell may only be a matter of time.

Community and E-commerce is just a piece of paper, not I stabbed you, is that you stabbed me, when the business is not satisfied with only so much traffic will consider how to get involved, and have a shopping guide trend of the community media does not meet the advertising ceiling, will also open up new commercial model.

In the final analysis, business development to a certain stage, no matter what the beginning of the routine, eventually we all went to a crossroads, found that everyone is facing the same market. But the Chinese market is big enough, and even the country with the worst economic crisis, the 17th domestic company, is still able to hit a 800 million-pound sales miracle. Don't say what the impact of the economic crisis, Taobao how to make people heartache, most of the situation is how and their own rivalry.

As a community, to consider is the effective profit growth point, or to rely on to the business, or how effective the cooperation, engage in activities, such as CPS, such as pure nonsense, B2B2C is not the problem of chicken, there are professionals in-depth discussion.

As an e-commerce, to do not do the community (or shopping-related social elements), how to do the community, is a long-standing problem, there are ways and means of the problem, but the most critical or attitude issues.

Whatever it is, if you plan to do it in 10 years, I believe that it will be.

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