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Before we made a comparison, select a high price of well-known brand servers and a well-known brand of affordable server, from hardware configuration and so on for everyone to analyze, the conclusion is that "some high-priced servers in fact, the quality of the product itself or performance is really no advantage to say, Sometimes it's not even as good as a cheap quality product. Therefore, in the purchase of low-end server (general dual-way Xeon and its equivalent type of server belongs to the middle end, the specification below belongs to the low-end), it is not blindly superstitious "a penny a penny" this saying, more is to be analyzed in nature, Find the best balance between investment and quality.

& ">nbsp; Today we compare the angle of change, from the high price to parity into brand pair assembly. Of course, the brand server and the assembly server itself contains a high price of the main contradiction in the inside, and this is the largest assembly server advantage, but, the assembly server is low price low quality or inexpensive, this is our comparison for everyone to analyze the problem.

First, the brand server also has rough workmanship, insufficient materials (especially some low-priced products), not all brand servers are trustworthy, so, assembly server can not be generalized, we recommend that you buy the assembly server is actually some of the qualifications are relatively deep, in a region for many years, have a certain strength, In addition to sales of accessories and agent products, they began to assemble the server sales, and posted their own banner of the manufacturers. Although these manufacturers do not have the formal manufacturers of large area of the channel shop capacity, but in product quality and warranty service or do very well, of course, the price is undoubtedly their biggest advantage.

such as manufacturers, such as the strength of southern China's five boats we have introduced a lot of, today's assembly server is from another in Beijing and Guangzhou are more well-known assembly server manufacturers-gold products. Rewarded is a very representative product of this 1U Nocona server "SU121", it in the "China high-end IT business network" on the top three of the sales performance, the user's choice is undoubtedly very convincing, and from now on we can see the consumer needs of the mainstream server products in a kind of configuration and price. The product needs to be explained that it can actually be understood as a set of quasi systems provided to rewarded by micro-the installation of all other accessories by rewarded, because the gold is itself a strong assembly and sales of server manufacturers, so in a sense you can also say that it is a micro-server, can also be considered a gold server,

The brand server that is used to contrast this product should actually be the PowerEdge 1850 from Dell, which is close to the sales results of the "China high-end IT Business network", and the configuration of both is close, but the product we compared last time, So switch to HP's "DL360 G4", this server is also a very typical 1U Nocona products, because DL360 G4 series has multiple models, so in order to facilitate the comparison, we chose to rewarded that product configuration close to the DL360G4 (368150-AA1).

The following is a detailed comparison of two products:

Hardware configuration comparison:

Gold SU121 Hewlett-Packard DL360 G4 type 1U rack 1U Rack Processor Anglo-Rockwell Xeon 3.0GHz (800mhz/1m) English-backed dual support support chip Group intel® E7520 chipset intel® E7520 chipset graphics integrated ATI RAGE XL graphics, 8M video memory integrated ATI RAGE XL graphics, 8M video RAM memory 1G DDR333 ECC registered

512MX2, dual-channel 1G DDR333 ECC registered

512MX2, dual-channel hard drive system 6300ESB, SATA

(software sata RAID) 6300ESB, SATA

(software sata RAID)

Integrated SCSI U320 Controller floppy 120GB SATA does not provide standard hard drive rack-level standard 1.44 floppy drive with 1.44MB floppy drive cd-rom24x Slim CD-ROM standard does not provide network Intel 82541GI On-line NIC embedded NC7782 dual-port Gigabit NIC expansion slot 1* (x8) pci-express (available)

2*64-bit 66MHz PCI

2*32-bit 33MHz PCI1 Full length 64-bit/133mhz pci-x,1 half long 64-bit/133mhz PCI cooling system 2x100mm 5000RPM fan+ chassis cooling Fan standard 7 fans, standard redundant fan power 420 W1 460 Watt power supply (optional redundant power supply) system Management Support IPMI 2.0 standard remote management card (card for optional), "Super Doctor" III System management software, Watch Dog,supero been III, NMI integrated Lights-Out (ILO) Management (Board integration), HP BAE Insight Manager, SmartStart, remote Insight Lights-Out Edition ll (optional), ROM based Setup utility (RBSU), remote flash memory redundant ROM, Integrated Management log (IML), Server status record, automatic server Recovery-2 (ASR-2), System interconnect status indicator, dynamic sector repair and drive parameter tracking (with Smart Array Controller), hot spare start, shutdown utility, pre-failure warranty (including processor, Hard disk and memory) warranty period in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, three cities in urban areas of users, the first year to provide hardware door-to-door repair services, two years after the customer to repair 3-year Limited Warranty (3-year parts/3-year manual/3-year site)

Appearance comparison:

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