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The electric business circle is about to come to an end after two months, but it is still fierce in the rankings. Each day's update has a relatively large fluctuation, the pursuit of ranking method is endless. There is a rise in the tide. However, it is not difficult to explain the point, whether the Black cat or White cat is not a proof of strength, this is not a comment here Everything is meticulous and comprehensive, can be foolproof, otherwise in the future do things always leave some disadvantages to give opponents opportunity. We are here to observe in this 2 months time "electric Business Circle" is how to spend, this is not the smoke of the battlefield to show in front of us in addition to the technology what?

This legend is February 2 July-May 28th Zero Electric Business Circle statistics Map


At present, the first entry site:

The frequency of updates is undoubtedly very high, so there is no doubt about the popularity of spiders. and the site response speed is also very ideal, more conducive to the spider index. In the overall quantity, the judgment weight is very high, and one months included 17,900 can be said that the development is very rapid. Personally think this is more related to the quality of the chain, an example: The station and 4399 with the link, the weight can be imagined. It seems that high starting point is not the same AH! In terms of the keyword density, although not more than 2%, but the frequency is still up to 18 times. Keyword density is related to the page, sometimes it is not necessarily defined as to achieve how high density, but also to analyze the degree of competition in order to adjust the density.



The second site is currently in place:

For the time being, although Google did not conduct a PR assessment, it is believed that the next one is bound to break through. Although the site itself in quality is far inferior to the first strong, but in the density can be said to be very "sophisticated", is also to prove a truth "all-inclusive as small and fine" all the key words involved in the electric business circle. As long as the VIPs feel a little regret is, is it only for the electric shopping district to save? Where did the previous keyword go? After the game is also a "down the right", the site transformation is not easy.



Currently the third site:

Although in the current form, in the ranking of the electric circle is relatively outstanding, but included in the unsatisfactory. Included on the small, lack of instability factors too much, so in the ability to resist the inevitable defects. But bloggers do a better job on the update should be more stable, and the chain also reached 3000.



The fourth site currently in place:

In the electric circle after the opening of the beauty of this beautiful blogger on the way into the home of the electric business circle, it is worth saying that this blog opened only for a quarter or so but outside the chain has reached nearly 5,000. For such a site fully reached the "outside the chain for yellow" this requirement. and Bo main content of the original degree of high, but also by spiders welcome. Previous sustained attacks, after a period of low tide and then continue to go upstream, otherwise the rankings will be more ideal. Do not know whether the blogger has action, in the absence of a good security may result is still not very optimistic.



Conclusion: The competition of the website rankings is not only the technical male and female, but also the abundant capital and strong interpersonal relationship. At this point from the chain of long can seen, of course, some of these are hard to pay. Finally in only one months to hope that they can maintain their position, not to be overtaken by people! A good seoer is not only looking at the challenges of technology and people, but also on the site's own defensive engineering. For many of the webmaster's reflection is "outside the chain, connections, content, server" three to maintain, how to achieve balanced development then mastered the most advantageous SEO competitiveness! The above content for the Shijiazhuang SEO Analysis Summary, if there are reproduced please retain the Copyright (! Welcome to discuss and analyze. The above interception information is 28th 0 o'clock intercept! As time index fluctuations may vary, we are only saying one thing, and we hope to understand.

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