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Summary: Today, everyone is officially released two new mobile apps pop, Meimei, respectively, the main voice and photo social, support the iphone, Android system. There are nearly 10 kinds of special sound effects including meow, transformers and so on, and they show themselves in a different voice. With

Today, everyone officially released two new mobile apps "Pop", "Meimei", respectively, the main voice and photo socializing, support the iphone, Android system.

"Kiss" contains the Meow star, Transformers and so on nearly 10 kinds of special sound effects, with a different voice to show themselves. Users through the "Kiss" can completely farewell to the monotonous text communication, with sound and pictures to open a new social way. Use your cell phone to record a sound, pick a favorite voice filter, add a photo, "say + See + listen" to share your "mood story" with your friends, and your friends can interact with each other through voice comments. At present, users can login through Renren and Sina Weibo account, the system will automatically import everyone and micro-bo friend relationship, can also be content to share to these two platforms.

"Kiss" screenshot

"Meimei" is a self-portrait app, supporting the continuous self-portrait, the user can through its powerful one-button "beauty skin + skin + acne" function in a moment to complete the beauty effect, and choose the most beautiful photos and friends to share. Sharing at the same time, users can also be photographed when the mood story "write" in the photo, permanent frame of life every beautiful moment, with Meimei automatically read the photo time and place, a key to save the photo with the story to the phone album. Meimei Support Everyone account login, can automatically import everyone network friends, can also sync photos to Renren.

"Meimei" screenshot

It is noteworthy that in mid-November 2012, CEO Chen (Weibo) has been in the company's internal financial results communication will be a high-profile announcement, the future to play "a battle and three battles," which is the core mobile end, its even Hao in the next 4 months to launch the killer mobile applications.

The introduction of the two application, perhaps Chen a boat called "Killer application." January 16, the company announced the adjustment of organizational structure, the establishment of independent Wireless Business division, and continue to increase investment in the field of mobile. The new wireless Division will integrate the group's advantageous resources and focus on new product development and operations in the mobile Internet field.

Wu Jian, vice president of Renren and general manager of Wireless division, said the release of the ' Pop ' and ' Meimei ', is the wireless team for six months to build, in the product features, details and other aspects of the effort to give users a unique mobile social experience, with voice, pictures of these new ways to record the wonderful moments of life.

But there are people in the industry that the new launch of the "pop" a bit of plagiarism before the "pop", but more entertainment than "Pa". Just in early January this year, everyone's type of micro-credit products "letters" announced the cessation of service. Whether these two products will repeat the "letters" of the old road, and see how its follow-up operations.

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