Guangzhou Children's Wear brand clothing refused to sell online

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1, "Consumer-to-consumer" Guangzhou Children's wear brand clothing refused to sell online

Guangzhou, a children's wear brand has made a ban on net sales, the decision to block Taobao shop, to the entire entity agent distribution way to save the entity store in the fire and fire. "found that a dealer in Taobao open shop, the first warning fine 1000 yuan, if not close the factory will contact him offline." "In the Civil Air Defense Mall, the children's clothing brand a shop assistant told reporters that last month, the company has just sealed a two-drill Taobao shop.

2, "Festival electric Dealer" Christmas sales growth 8.3% iOS is Android nearly 4 times times

December 27, according to the VentureBeat Web site reported that for billions of people around the world, Christmas is a religious festival is also a cultural festival, which means it is also the sales peak of the electricity business. The share of mobile devices in online purchases rose from 18.6% last year to 57.1%. Mobile device users are more than just browsing the electricity web: Mobile devices account for more than One-third (34.8%) of sales on Christmas Day, up 24% from a year earlier.

3, "Comprehensive services" 12306 site to find a loophole for each of the highest award 2000

In recent days, 12306 of Web site user data leaked to become the focus of public attention, railway police quickly captured leaked suspects. Yesterday 12306 Web sites have joined the world's largest vulnerability response platform to start bug fixes. Web site Director of the Chinese Academy of Railway Science, the highest reward 2000 yuan, call users to find loopholes.

4, "Traditional enterprise" foundry is not fun Foxconn diversified strategy began to do electricity business

Hon Hai's Hong Kong-listed subsidiary, Chi Kang Group, has issued positive earnings forecasts, predicting a 2014 net profit increase of 80% to 100% from last year, opening up new business opportunities, first of all aiming at the electricity business sector. Hon Hai has already made an expensive tuition fee in the field because of its deep-rooted business-to-business thinking that it is hard to do so, and this time, it has learned to be a good boy and no longer behind closed doors.

5, "Business" Beijing East received the Internet Drug trading service Licence

The Internet Drug Trade Service qualification certificate is divided into A, B, C three: Jing Dong this time to get a card can only be approved by the state Food and Drug Administration to pass, is a trading service platform license, can only be used as drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions between the platform service providers, not to provide drug sales services to individuals.

6, "Consumer-to-consumer" network staging platform to occupy university campus

After obtaining 100 million dollars of financing, interest staging and staging music recently played a "downward service charge" brand, with a view to further capture campus customers. In fact, the domestic flagship similar business platform has more than 30, this has not been seen in the financial sector, is ushering in a wave of gold miners.

7, "Integrated customer" Amazon Prime service shopping season new members 10 million

Amazon announced in Friday that its delivery and digital content service Prime added more than 10 million new members during the holiday season, and it plans to extend one-hour door-to-door service to more cities in 2015.

8, "Business-to-consumer" hackers exposed Amazon and other popular sites, 13,000 passwords

The hacker organization "Anonymous" has published a folder on the Internet File sharing website Ghostbin, which is its stolen account information, including Amazon, Wal-Mart and other websites 13,000 passwords. This may not be the biggest password cracking event we've ever seen, but "anonymous" claims that these accounts come from a wide variety of online resources, some of which are very popular sites.

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