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Last year, operating less than two months on the line of the Yong-FAI fresh electricity business site "Half the sky" was ready to return, but so far again on the date of the line is still not determined. Yesterday, Beijing commercial News reporter found, input "half the sky" site after the domain name is still not normal display. In the company push O2O business "Yong-hui micro-shop" background, "half the sky" I am afraid temporarily stranded.

Yong-hui Test aquatic fresh electricity business road is twists. Last April, Yong-Hui supermarket launched its own electric business website "Half the sky." Although less than two months on the offline, but Yong-Hui said that this is due to change the license, the fastest in August with a new image of the line; last October, Yong-Hui supermarket vice President Honghai revealed that "half the sky" in the Ministry of the record to complete the change, but the electric business platform is still in the internal integration stage.

After a lapse of 5 months, "Half the sky" still did not return. Beijing business newspaper reporter input "half the Sky" domain name (www.yhbbt.com), found that the Web page can not be displayed normally. Compared with the "half of the Sky", the company said that the "Wing FAI Micro Shop" will begin in April to expand the scope of business to the whole of Fuzhou, by the third party logistics for distribution. This January, Yong-hui launched O2O business "Wing FAI micro-shop", customers online orders, only 8 stores in Fuzhou for their own mention.

A variety of information shows that the micro-shop has been the focus of the business of wing FAI Line. Micro-Shop on-line, Yong-Hui supermarket president Li Jianbo said that the future will be in the national store to promote the "micro-shop" model, and strive in three years to allow the micro-shop business share of the total market share of Yong-hui around 5%. Yong-Fai in the 2013 performance report also mentioned that the company successfully run the "Wing FAI micro-shop" O2O commercial platform, priority to achieve the mobile terminal app ordering service and store mobile payment services, access to valuable E-commerce platform construction and operation management experience.

In fact, in the online and offline business balance, Wing FAI supermarket focus is still offline. Recently, Yong-Hui supermarket chairman Xuan Pine in 2013 annual shareholder meeting revealed that in recent years the company attaches great importance and began to try the electrical business, but the focus is still to do the physical store management layout, as well as commodity procurement and supply chain management, when the time is ripe to do a good line under the online interaction

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